Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Still Moving.

    We started moving in this Tuesday past.
    AB is working 7days at the moment, so the routine is:

    - drop off kids to school
    - drive to flat
    - up & down stairs until the car is filled
    - back to house, unpacking, cleaning, washing, sorting
    - pick up kids
    - go to flat, lather, rinse, repeat
    - ignore whining
    - afterschool activities
    - arrive home exhausted and realise I need to cook dinner.

    But it's beeee-yooo-ti-ful! 
    I just wish all these boxes would unpack themselves and the flat would clean itself.

    Moving In..

    There's still things to be done .. like my cupboard handles only all went on today, and the
    sparkies were here yesterday doing things.  The splashback needs to be sealed,
    and the bedrooms are sans carpet.

    I love my Escapees cushion above.  Seems apt somehow..

    Moving Day

    Kids are spoilt.  We offset sharing the smallest bedroom in the world by putting a tele
    on the wall for them to play their Minecraft on.  ( I am anti-bunk-bed after (a) having them
    myself as a kid, and (b) having already dealt with a broken arm once in this motherhood,
    I am not going to be tempting that kind of fate again.

    Getting there..

    And for all those that thought it was a bit weird that my kids shared a QS bed, you'll be
    happy to know they now have their own beds.  I love the red frames with their grey striped linen

    Not sure what's the story with my kid staring at the tap.  He's weird.
    Also: the under-bench kickback thingy yet to arrive..

    Pano Update 28.May

    And a pano after dinner the other night when I sat back and went
    "I freaking love this house, how's the serenity?" ( ignoring the mess )

    Removalists booked to get the last of the furniture out of the flat tomorrow.

    Home Straight.


    muser said...

    It's just so fabulous. Well done to all of you. I LOVE that light with all the shadowy bits on the walls. LOVE your pantry. It's all STUNNING. xx

    Heidi said...

    Well done! It's looking great and I love your boy's beds - fab colour choice. Moving is the worst thing, which is partly why I decided we'd instead live in our house while the reno was going on. After our last move I swore never again... it takes so long to get organised and unpack... hang in there!

    K-L said...

    Hello again! So glad to hear you are not only surviving the move but thriving. Love the mess, love the house, love the reality. Xxx kl

    Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

    So stunning. Love it all! What a great feeling it must be to start settling in!

    Karina Roberts said...

    Congrats honey!!!! Looks AMAZING!!! xx

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