Thursday, June 13, 2013

    Easy Pleased!

    I bought a Chef's Pan!

    OMG, *squeal* .. this simple kitchen utensil has been something i've wanted for ages. 


    So the story is .. every time i've wanted to buy one, i've also technically needed other pots,
    so i've walked in, price checked, wavered, worried, nail-nibbled, and ended up buying one
    of those bulk home-starter packs with a few pots, a steamer, roaster, frypan etc. 

    For the same price.  ish.

    Those sets never, ever come with a Chef's pan. 

    If you're friends with me on facebook, you'll know the Drama of the Gift Cards ..
    basically a little stockpile of cards we'd been saving for housey stuff, that I lost, then
    presumed threw in the bin (  I actually dumped the contents of our outside recycling bin
    on the grass in our backyard and fossicked through it ), and felt sick and stupid for a
    few months. 

    Then I found them wedged between some CD's as I was packing up the flat to move back
    a few months later.. 

    Plastic money.  Yay!

    I waited for the David Jones Half-Yearly Clearance and whacko.
    Chef's Pan.  Mine.

    I've cooked with it most nights this week - we've had Spanish Paella, and Spag Bog,
    and an asian-style chicken & veges.  I love it! 

    None of my pans are as deep or solid or come with a lid.  I know it sounds weird,
    but this one pan RRP's at $250.  That's a lot for one saucepan.


    I'm pretty basic in the kitchen .. I like things like .. pots .. and .. pans .. knives.. spoons..

    I don't own a breadmaker or a  Kitchenaid or a food processor or an icecream maker or juicer
    or any of those other things a Thermomix replaces.  Ergo: I do not own a Thermomix. 
    Do not get that particular brand of hype.  I also don't like Tupperware. 
    But I like home demo parties for some reason.  At other people's places, not mine. 

    Probably because of the wine. 

    So what have I been doing?

    Moving house, and cleaning the flat etc, and then sorting through boxes etc .. SOLO,
    because my husband like, left town, conveniently, and I was starting to feel like one of
    those peasants from Horrible Histories, spotted with dung and the pox.

    Then it was green bin night and I started on 6months of weeds and raked all the autumn
    leaves until that bin groaned.  I've been making trips to the Salvos, filling the new fridge
    and pantry, and sleeping with the lights on as I revisit old Stephen King novels. 
    I've been washing clothes only to donate them to charity ( honestly, I still have skirts
    I wore to a desk job a DECADE ago that don't even fit anymore? ), and trying to sort
    the crap in the garage.

    And i'm pretty well tired :)
    But happy, very very very very very very happy  ( and tired )


    Stomper Girl said...

    It looks so perfect in your fab new kitchen! It feels great to be able to finally get the stuff you really want, and to chuck out the stuff you don't need. We've been doing that a bit lately too.

    Anonymous said...

    That chef's pan looks great. Can you use it under the grill?
    And your paragraph on Thermomix/Tupperware/demos? Me to a tee! I laughed when I was reading it. Eighteen months ago I would've been writing exactly the same thing!

    h+b said...

    Yep! goes under the griller .. I buy all my pots to go in the oven, even though I never grill anything, or "twice-cook". :)

    Melody said...

    Just looking at your blog on the laptop, rather than my phone (!) and your fridge...oh *drool* That's one sassy, kick arse fridge. I'm loving your home. Bet you are too my friend.

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