Friday, November 01, 2013

    And this is how it went..

    I have had my first day off in FOREVER today!

    I have been shooting kinder kids week in week out,
    which sees me anywhere from Epping to Clayton to Tullamarine and McKinnon
    or Doreen on any given week, and then I honoured a commitment to work last weekend
    at the Toddler & Baby Show for a friend.

    The kids have been shuffled, favours begged and dinners of toast and beans are a go-go.

    Here's How My Day Off Went ( pretty delightfully, although maybe i'm easy pleased! ):

    6.00am -
    wake up and realise it's a beautiful day and I don't have to be in traffic to some exotic* location

    6.05am - wee, and go back to bed
    ( sorry, but the rest of this story is PG, even is wee isn't. What is wee rated anyway? )

    7.00am -
    Rise. Inform children that NO, they can't "have a day off" and placate older with a lunch order.
    Feel like a Lord.

    7.00 - 8.30am -
    everyone does their stuff without yelling**

    8.30am -
    realise kinder starts at 8.30am, not 8.45am as thought.
    Fang it to kinder. Arrive 2mins late, but safe.

    8.45am -
    Drop off older boy, feeling happy

    9.00am -
    Priceline. I haven't shopped for me in AGES and I have no face powder and the foundation
    is low.  I also buy hairspray, dry shampoo, an eyeliner from the 80's on sale for $2 I want
    to recapture my youth with ( it's blue ) and a sparkle nailpolish.

    Feel happy.

    9.30am -
    ( Guessing the time because i have to BE NOWHERE! ) - pop on down to Target.
    I have torn a heap of my skirts on various sharp things lately, and anyone that knows me
    knows I love the skirt. Unfortunately, no skirts for me today, but there's a perfect dress ..
    if I could cut off the bodice and fit the skirt part to the hips i'd be so freaking happy, it's gorgeous.

    I tell the salesgirl about my friend who is rather handy with a sewing machine.
    I try on several bigger sizes to fit the skirt part on my HIPS, rather than high on the waist as
    the dress dictates. I find the right size. I wonder if my friend can do this?
    I plan to ask her, and if not, return the dress.

    I love Target.

    pop out of dressing room to see said friend at the counter, paying for something. I yell out.
    The assistant says "oh, is this your friend you were telling me about?"


    10.30-11.30am -
    we hit a few Oppies together and even Coles. We share the bulk buy on Zooper Doopers.
    Suddenly the grocery shopping burden is no longer heavy. 
    We buy matching Olive Baguettes at Baker's Delight.  Alas, we part for kindy pickup.

    12.00pm -
    Arrive home to put perishables in fridge.  Scoff a salad while on facebook chatting. 
    Realise I have 15minutes to get to Spotlight before Kinder pickup and I really need that
    iron-one mending stuff for my skirts.  Zoom it on over

    12.15pm -
    Get stopped in aisle by lady that wants to chat.  Overhelp to the point we probably should
    start dating and sync menses.  Rush off for pickup

    12.25pm -
    Fang down the Nepean ( abiding road rules ) and make it to the kindy 2minutes overtime. 
    Last kid there, but not by much.  The following conversation ensues:

    Them: And Leanne, if you could just watch the times for pickup?
    Me: Huh?
    Them: Your husband was 15minutes late the other day***
     Me: Oh really? Well, I hope you discussed it with him?
    ( I know they did, so shaming me is pointless, plus, we are not repeat offenders, lately it's been hard )

    Them: And your son didn't eat his lunch today ( serious raised eyebrows )
    Me *Shrug*
    Them: He says he doesn't like jam sandwiches ( who does, seriously?  yuck! )
    Me: That's all there was, I haven't been home all week and there's no food in the house,
    so we do the best with what we've got.
    Them: What does he like to eat?
    Me: Tuna and Egg. You know, all the stuff we can't eat here?****

    Me: So I give him meat and sauce every day he comes here because I know he will eat it
    Them: Yes, that's what he said he liked
    Me: Buuuut, we were out, so jam it was. Come on Buddy, let's go!

    Seriously.  Well, i'll leave it at that. 

    I've photographed at so many LOCAL kinders lately ( including the one my older boy went to,
    and I should have picked again and the vibe is just so much more relaxed
    . ). 
    Yes, I understand the allergy situation, but couple that with their "no junk food / no sandwich
    until you eat a piece of fruit first" ( we aren't a fruity family but my kids eat strawberries
    and apples by the bucketful .. BUT .. they hate them in lunchboxes PLUS we have wobbly teeth,
    so now apples are hurties
      ) and Mondays are fruit-only and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. 
    So many rules!  So many distainful looks and I don't even feed my kids junk!  I don't understand!! 

    I feel very judged for not being a full-time mum I guess .. that I sometimes have to farm out
    my pickups ( OMG, the time I cleared a family friend for pickup and all was good,
    but then she got a drilling until someone stepped in to save her  - hello!?

    1.30pm-3.30pm -
    check gardens, enjoy sunshine

    3.30pm -
    School pickup. 

    4.00pm - chomp on Olive bread from Baker 's Delight with Eggplant & Garlic Dip.
    Seriously Divine, and all the niggles just wash away, wash away :)

    *we travel anywhere in Melbourne, even places we haven't heard of yet

    ** I forgot to check teeth.  Were teeth brushed?  There possibly should have been yelling

    *** it's true, but they already berated him.  Am I my husband?  No. 
           Are we ever normally late?  No.

    **** ok, its true that my kids really do like tuna and egg and these things are not allowed
             at kinder and I UNDERSTAND THAT, .. but it really limits my lunch options with a
             fussy eater, so please, don't give me shit about our limited lunches, ok? 
             I pack the SAME thing every day and it bores the crap out of me too, but everything is
             banned.  Our kinder lunchbox is:  meat&sauce sandwich, plain popcorn sans
             illegal packaging, carrot sticks ( acceptable fruit substitute my kids eat ) and sultanas. 
             A mum recently mentioned to me about the homemade sushi she had packed - it was
             the avocado/cucumber/rice/seaweed wrapper kind and her child was told no he couldn't
             eat it.  They COOK things on premises they are not allowed to EAT on premises
             due to allergies.  It's insane.

             Picking a 'safe' lunchbox that meets all the rules without getting in trouble and repeating
             it for 12months .. not insane.

    But besides that one niggle where I was made to feel like a lesser parent
    ( I wish i'd mentioned the road traffic game we played the other day where they encourage
    children to weave through traffic to collect a BALL kicked onto the ROAD, OMG?! ) ..
    all the parents standing next to me whispering to their sweet babies "you know,
    we never chase balls onto roads EVER, ok?  We can always buy another ball, but there is
    only ever one you, don't ever do this ok?
    " , and yet a jam sandwich is being  a bad mother.

    Life is weird.  The older I get, the more weirdos I meet :)

    But it was largely a GOOD DAY! :D .. and this Olive Baguette is DA BOMB!  xx


    62cherry said...


    Rachel said...

    I can't even with the no egg and tuna.

    My float said...

    Seriously no egg or tuna?? That's ridiculous. What a freaking uptight kinder. And the berating? Just wrong. X

    My float said...

    But the rest of your day sounds awesome!

    Anonymous said...

    I just found your blog.
    'sync menses'
    I haven't laughed this hard in ages - thank you!

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