Friday, December 27, 2013

    Where the Wild Things Are.


    It's just our living area.  Just our living area?  Holy Heck!  I want to live here.

    When I downloaded these photos I took the other day ( like, only after 6months since
    we moved back!
    ), I kept running down from my office to say to the husband:
    "OMG, you should see these pics, I want to live in this house!!!" ..
    I felt like Cindy Crawford when she said "I Wish I Looked Like Cindy Crawford."

    Because, sure this is my house, and yes, I sure do live here and yes, I love love love it ..
    but hell, I cleaned all afternoon on the day I finished work for the year ( the day before
    Christmas peeps .. I haz been busy ) and the kids had to either be in their room or OUTside.

    Normally, the benches have plates and dirty cups on them and the coffee table is covered in Lego.
    The dining table has mounds of newspapers and paperwork.  Yeah, it's quite the picture.

    So finally, here I am again.  Amazed when I realised the last time I felt so free and happy
    was this time last year .. FREE TIME!  Pictures for ME!  Excellent, excellent, excellent..


    ^ Coming down the hall into the combined living/cooking/dining area


    ^ You might remember I won a prize courtesy of Carpet Court which basically furnished
    this whole room.  Divine, and so very very thankful x 


    Shaggy rug from Carpet Court, lighting from Beacon.
    Couch from Domayne, Cushions from Kaz, original print, stools and coffee table from
    Boyd Blue, and original art canvas on the far wall is a Christmas Present to myself from
    my artist friend Clair.



    The green egg chair is from Replica Furniture in Qld.


    It is divine, and I just love that I have finally photographed it.
    Life got pretty busy since we moved in and basically, these holidays are our first chance
    to enjoy it all.

    Behind the kitchen is the open entryway to the pantry/laundry. 
    I love the shallow open shelves and how it opens up to my kitchen garden :)

    I am so happy with how it all turned out :)



    Pam Bradford said...

    Should be in a magazine. Just sayin...

    Amanda Deucker said...

    It is absolutely stunning!

    little miss olive said...

    oh wow...yes it is stunning!!!

    and it's been so much fun to see it from sketches and drawings to this. what an achievement -- congrats!!

    i would also love to see how your laundry turned out. :)

    h+b said...

    thanks girls!

    Little Miss Olive .. laundry to come .. I promise! :)

    Zara said...

    Wow I want to live there too. It's stunning.
    And that pantry, gosh I dream of a pantry like that.

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