Wednesday, January 01, 2014

    Happy 2014!

    We did our usual and headed down the beach with a picnic to watch the sunset,
    play with glo-stix and catch a glimpse of the fireworks from over yon city-side.


    It was low-tide when we arrived, so we threw our stuff down and went exploring.


    Until it got dark enough to break out the glow-stix..


    No, that's not our party.  Nice to see people actually using their beachboxes though.
    If I owned one, i'd be down there all the time, decorating it like a fantasy cubbyhouse
    and inventing little stories in my head and playing Swiss Family Robinson.


    Finally the sun did set.


    You can't see properly at this size, but one of those silhouettes is taking an iphone picture. 
    It looks quite cool, but i'm not sure how her photo would have turned out?

    Finally, when it was dark enough, Melbourne city let off the 'early fireworks', except this
    year, all we heard was the pops and bangs.  The venue change meant nothing was visible,
    which was a bit disappointing, but ah well.  The kids made me light sparklers against my
    better judgement and one of them sustained finger burns, so that was a bit of fun later on
    ( O_o ), but he eventually fell asleep clutching his ziplock bag of crushed ice
    ( man we love that fridge ).

    2013 was a messy brainblur for me so i'm hoping 2014 might take a slower,
    more balanced pace.

    Hope you had a good one!


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    Stomper Girl said...

    Happy New Year! Wasn't the light extraordinary last night?

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