Thursday, January 02, 2014

    Today, I Be Cleaning..

    As I mentioned earlier, 2013 was a whirlwind. 
    We moved into a tiny flat during a heatwave and I think I fried off several thousand
    braincells.  We renovated, we moved back.

    The plan was to take the year off work, and I did for the 6 months we were out of the house,
    but there were splashbacks to investigate and lighting to buy, and return, and buy more of. 
    Paint samples to obsess over. 

    On top of this the regular kiddy-party-playdates / kindy-drop-off-pick-up routine that
    just about did my head in ( long daycare had spoiled me I think ) and everything else,
    we kinda moved back in and got busy working again to pay for what we had spent.

    Thus it is only now, in these Summer holidays, that I feel I am finally home,
    and discovered I had a "junk drawer" already. 

    The builders started it. 

    We got new doorhandles, so they popped the old ones in the 2nd drawer down. 
    Excess screws and warranties, 2nd drawer down. 
    A caulking gun, and some weird bits of metal with stickers on them warning me
    not to throw them out.  Err, ok, weird excess bit of metal.  You can stay for now. 

    In the 2nd drawer down.

    So today I be cleaning, and tomorrow we be getting a skip to sort out the garage
    ( where all the bigger post-reno junk went ).  We love a good clean out.

    So when Dettol's people called my people ( err, that would be me, I dont have people )
    and asked if i'd like to trial some new cleaning stuff, I was all 'um hello, yes please'.


     Also, Dettol is really into a green theme atm, and so am I.  Call me vain ( i'm ok with that )
    but I like the pretty, even with my cleaning products.  Dettol matches my house. 
    I only buy the Dettol handwash in my bathroom because it's a pretty Lime colour/scent
    ( I used to decant into refillable fancy containers, but have never found one of those suckers
    that ever worked properly, so have given up


    Also, I have two boys.  One was born nice and clean and tidy.  I could take him anywhere
    and people used to remark how I ever got around without a nappy bag, or really, any bag at all. 
    He just never made a mess.  Other babies were always gooby and ikky, but not mine.

    But then I birthed the other baby and this one was the Anti-Clean. 

    Seriously, even now at 5 1/2 yrs old, he's still perpetually grotty.  He will eat one tiny little
    thing and manage to smear it all over his face.  No-one wants to sit at his place at the
    kitchen counter as there is food EVERYWHERE .. spills, splatters, crumbs. 
    The floor beneath his seat is usually repulsive and as I type I find my nostrils flared and
    my mouth pursed in disgust.

    Lucky he's also very cute and witty and fun and cheeky, but By God I hope he learns
    where his mouth is soon.. or at least has the good grace to clean up after himself.  Ugh.


    So the new Dettol Floor Cleaning System is perfect for me.  I find mops rather gross
    to be honest .. especially those string ones.  I have a sponge-mop, but I always end up doing
    most of the work on my hands and knees with an old towel anyway as they always seem
    to leave streaks - or dull my floors.  I hate dull floors.

    Floor Wipes are easy, hygienic and clean really well without leaving residue. 
    Pop one on, and once done, pop it in the bin and admire the mess-free result.


    Mmm ... fresh Lime & Mint!
    Especially fresh for around the toilet  ( boys remember.. I have boys .. )



    Are you cleaning the house too for the fresh New Year?

    I have another pack to give away that includes:

    1x Dettol Floor Cleaning System ( plus refills )
    1x bottle Dettol Power & Pure Kitchen Spray
    1x bottle of Dettol Power & Pure bathroom Spray
    1x Dettol Power & Pure Surface Wipes.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Good Luck and Good Cleaning! x


    Peta said...

    Awesome giveaway Lea. Your house is looking fantastic x

    Anonymous said...

    Oh dear God yes!!!
    I have boys too. They dont get much better...

    stayday said...

    Gosh I need these products with my very messy toddlers

    Shari said...

    Would love to try out those floor wipes!

    Kylie said...

    Hahaha - LOVE your way! Dettol ROCKS - six people + one tiny toilet = messy! Love me a good bit of dettol!

    Tina O'Donnell said...

    I'd love the floor wipes to try out on my floorboards. I hate streaky floorboards

    Stomper Girl said...

    Heh, I would enter but I only use purple cleaning products.

    RosieRose said...

    Mops are gross come to think about it ... I thought I was the only one who cleans floor on hands and needs "cinderella" style...

    Amalia said...

    It's my female that's the grotty one. Mind you the male leaves half his food on his face.

    Amalia said...

    Also (in response to blog question - they always trick me into leaving a 'comment') dettol makes the house cleaner cos it kills all the gems. Der.

    Zara said...

    I'm in the process of a big declutter.. think a garbage bag full from every room ready to be donated. Then the cleaning will begin.

    Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

    I'm about to start toilet training my two year old - I think I'm going to be using a lot of cleaning products in the next little while. Wish me luck!

    Emma Adma Weda said...

    Yes please my dog chewed up my floor op that I left out to dry (yuck) and now I need to get a new one but I am undecided. This looks like a great way to go :) thanks Emma Adma Weda

    Anita McLean said...

    I need this to clean up the muck and yuk constantly left behind 3 young children!

    Thanks, Anita

    Anonymous said...

    I choose Dettol for a healthy home time after time because it's good value, it smells delicious, it's effective and it keeps my crazy cyclone of a house at its prime!

    Lucy Michaela (Also commented on Facebook!)

    A dream house for Trish said...

    Your house is just beautiful, I have 4 kids & 2 of them are major slobs so I feel your pain. Such a great give away!!

    Kylie said...

    How exciting - thank-you! xo

    bat said...


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