Saturday, January 04, 2014

    Garage Finds

    Another year, another skip.

    But i think this may be our last!

    When we moved here 8years ago there was a lot of clearing to do .. and it's been ongoing ..
    we've pulled up rocks and ivy and slabs of concrete that may have been garden borders in
    the older days (?) ( )

    This time it's post-renovation leftovers .. bricks .. random bits of wood and crap the
    builders left citing 'oh hold onto that, you might need it'. 

    Um no, we're not hoarders, thanks, this is trash.

    There's also the random boxes of things you pack up and then never look at again. 
    To be truthful, I didn't think I held on to anything any more, but it seems I do.

    First up, last night, an old copy of Epicure Traveller, the Spanish issue!  ( Oct 2008 )
    Only last week I was perusing some Spanish cookbooks online and hover over the
    "press buy' button .. so this was a fab discovery :D

    Gourmet Traveller Oct 2008

    Then the wedding dress.  This box has moved house 6 times and been through 2 renovations. 

    The top of it got crunched in when it became a cat-bed at one stage, and to be honest,
    after 8yrs in the garage, i've been too scared to pop open the lid lest a plague of
    pestilence rushes me.  Quelle horreur!
    ( or, to keep with the Spanish theme:
    ¿QuĂ© horror )


    it seemed ok?!

    Wedding Dress Storage Non-System

    Maybe it's whatever they clean the damn things in, but there was no evidence of bug activity,
    no poops, no chomps.  The horrid stains ( not evident after the wedding ) were caused by a
    reaction of champagne with drycleaning fluids, so even the stains are well preserved. 
    I was pretty impressed actually.

    But now, what to do with it??

    Wedding Dress 2

    I googled the designer, she's still frocking on and I liked her new stuff too, which was nice :)

    Wedding Dress

    I also found some old Print Award books .. I thought I threw all those out too. 
    Seems i'd used the couple i'd kept to file away old drawings and poems.

    Most of the poems are very deep, and some .. not so much, and more like ditties.

    Print Awards and Bad Poetry

    I wasn't a MJ fan, btw, so i'm thinking I was being tongue-in-cheek witty here. 
    Such a laugh, chortle, chortle, chortle, ho!

    .. and a drawing of my feet. 

    I like to draw feet

    I used to draw my feet a lot ( and cats! ). 
    The reason being is because i'm not very good at watching movies unless i'm doing stuff ..
    so with my feet propped out in front, or a handy cat lounging nearby, I could sit still long
    enough to watch a movie, and add to my 'drawing of my own feet' collection. 

    Random photograph is one of AB's old rellies.  We think.  Nothing written on the back.

    There's also a heap of my diaries naturally, and letter and notes.  I tried to tease AB with
    a note I found from another dude with fabulous handwriting and yet bad spelling
    ( apparently I have increadible eyes ), but he knows my days of being a temptress are
    long gone and no-one's gonna come knocking to steal me away any time soon. 

    Old age is a Poo-bah to foiling my teasing.

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