Tuesday, January 07, 2014

    The Bathroom .. Now with a Touch of Green ..

    We renovated the bathroom in 2009. 

    Previously, it was used as a workroom by the previous owner who ran a therapy business
    from home.  It had bright blue walls and grey lino that smelled like old rubbing oils. 

    There was a lantern style light that you could pull down, I guess either to use as heat
    therapy (?) or get a closer look at a client's body?  Unsure. 

    There was also a mini sink and a working handdrier by the door
    ( stripped from the pic below .. made a nice little $ on eBay with that thing ).


    We originally used it as a junk room. 

    And a kiddy art room.
    And the place where I did my makeup and plugged in the hairdrier ( the old 1950's bathroom
    had no power outlets
    ).  It was also the room I took all my maternity selfies :)

    Eventually, the older style bathroom began to clunk out on us.  I can't remember now
    what the issue was - I think it was the shower falling apart?  Maybe the fact it lacked
    electrical outlets.  Or storage?  Anyway, we thought it would be a good idea if we renovated
    the junk room into the long luxurious ( and central ) family bathroom we wanted, while still
    having use of the tiny grotty old bathroom before it died completely.  So that is what we did.

    Original bathroom ( now our post-reno WIR ):

    original bathroom

    I found a copy of the Herald Sun HOME magazine in the garage,
    where the new bathroom was featured soon after finishing. 

    Recently, when trying to decide on a tone for new towels,
    I realised how "brown" my supposedly "neutral" bathroom was.. but after a quick flick through
    this mag, it seems everything in 2009 was brown/natural/tan/coffee-toned. 

    It's jam-packed with 'very warm toned' new houses to buy.. every room a new depressing
    shade of bleah, so it seems I was just on-trend ( but still, bleah! )

    Interestingly though, the layout artist has tinged  my article with a lovely shade
    of green .. it seems someone was thinking forward and tired of the browns anyway...


    And this is the bathroom today. 

    The Bathroom

    Just  a spruce up, but the green is such a lift and it matches in with the colours of the new reno.

    The Bathroom

    The Bathroom

    I think it's very pretty :)


    KL eternalicons said...

    The bathroom looks great! I think the neutral palette came into favour following the previous generation of bathrooms which were very colour saturated. They do look a bit blaah before being decorated but can morph so easily. Red towels one day, white day spa or your gorgeous apple green! I think you chose well; the bathroom looks undated and as fresh as if it were installed yesterday!

    Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

    It looks beautiful! I wouldn't really call myself a fan of green but after seeing what you've done with it I'd actually consider buying something green lol

    In The Night Sky said...

    It looks lovely and fresh with the touches of green! What a spacious bathroom too, very jealous over that.

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