Tuesday, July 01, 2014

    Home Art

    Remember CopperArt ?  I think I saw more ads for CopperArt as a kid than I did actual
    tv programs.

    CopperArt is now HomeArt, but i'm still pretty sure most of the items you can buy there
    are on sale in this fabulous Pete Smith commercial from 1988:


    My aunt was an award-winning local copper artist. 

    She did relief sculptures and they hung around her home festooned with the
    show ribbons to show off her many successes.  Her house was pretty interesting -
    along with the copper art, there was a giant fork and spoon wall hanging and they had a bar

    I used to play in the bar a lot as there wasn't much to do for little kids at their house. 

    I was fascinated with the copper(!) necklaces around the bottlenecks declaring
    "MARTINI" or "VERMOUTH" and they had matchbooks from many different places
    and fancy cocktail napkins and swizzle sticks. 

    Oh, and her bed had a radio built in the bedhead, and she had these fibre-optic flower
    lamps that bloomed with changing colour.  I'm sure it was all very tacky, but I was fascinated. 
    We didn't have any of that stuff at my house. 

    There is something very magical about falling to sleep watching a musical fibre optic rose
    blossom and fade, blossom and fade.

    Anyway, when we moved back into this house, some of the art we had up previously
    no longer worked with the new walls, and I cant put up my giant LOVE metal letters as
    I inherited my Grandmother's piano, but we are getting there. 

    I've got some great ideas for a few empty spaces.. just got to get my craft on.

    It wont be copper art.

    Here's some art i've got up so far:

    hbfotografic - house art (2)

    ^ You've seen my hallway art .. still quite proud of that effort :)

    hbfotografic - house art (9)

    ^ Outside my son's room.

    I made this too.  There's a similar one you can buy on the market, but to be honest,
    whenever I went to click "BUY" the dimensions of the arrow bugged me .. not quite right. 

    I spent a long day in Photoshop creating this and comparing to the proper iconic
    Melbourne hook turn signs I could find in Google Images to get the dimensions just so,
    and to find the perfect font.

    You can see my big unhung L O V E metal letters on top of Grandma's piano here too. 

    hbfotografic - house art (1)

    Further down the hallway just before you turn into the open-plan kitchen/living area
    is my wall of SuperCats.

    I was lucky enough to receive these 4 SuperCats for Christmas last year .. and I knew
    where I wanted to put them, but they were just too small for the wall space. 

    Oh!  but then I remembered my Chat Noir framed print and I think good & evil offset
    themselves nicely here.

    hbfotografic - house art (5)

    hbfotografic - house art (7)

    ^ I won this piece of art with my Carpet Court prize.  I love the colours in it.
    It's by Gazza & Wazza of The Block fame. 

    I'm not sure if they actually made the art though, I think maybe just curated? 

    hbfotografic - house art (6)

    ^ and this superb canvas is an original artwork by my multi-talented friend Clair.
    When I enter my home via the front door, this is the first thing you see at the end
    of the hallway and it's just perfect.  You can find Clair here, among other places:
    ( )

    hbfotografic - house art (8)

    ^Finally, I picked this up on our Geelong Weekend, just before we were about to board the ferry.
    It is perfectly sunny in my laundry/pantry.


    ^ Next up I am concentrating on that space above my green egg chair.
    I have some ideas I need to workshop some more that are perfectly formed in my mind,
    so we'll see how they pan out in real life!

    Then I need to hit the bedrooms.

    I don't mind little steps though .. it takes time to make a home come together.



    Aunty Evil said...

    Your house is lovely! I think I furnished my first flat entirely from Copperart. I still have a grandfather clock I bought from there a gazillion years ago for $249 so high quality for a grandfather clock. :) it still works! I see them on ebay from time to time and they fetch in the $300s so it was a sound investment. :) Mum still has one of those optic fibre lamps and it still works too. I used to love watching it, especially in a very dark room. Memories!

    Sophie said...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your house is a haven for beautiful things : )

    caroline bowen (cazz) said...

    I love EVERYTHING in your house...gorgeous! You are one very clever chook!!

    Abigail said...

    Your renovation is coming up a treat. I love your latest artwork in your pantry. We have some good things in Geelong!

    Ellie Williams said...

    Your home is so beautiful Leanne. I wish I had your eye and creativity, my house so need that "final" touch.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Looking so good Leanne! My faves are Le chat Noir and you Are My sunshine.

    little miss olive said...

    first of all - your laudry/pantry is to die for! i am super jealous of all the SPACE you have. and that sign/artwork fits perfectly!

    all your artwork looks great....and i'm a bit like you; if something doesn't look *quite* right, it will bug me. i too find inspiration and then do my own (albeit similar) thing.

    and lastly, as you know, your house is looking fabulous. i am interested though, since you've been such a planner and a perfectionist (as i am, too) -- have you found that now that you've finished, is there anything you'd do differently? or are you 100% happy with everything?

    oh, sorry, this is you have an instagram account?

    h+b said...

    Thanks everyone! :)

    Olive - no instagram here.. i'm old skool!

    Things different .. well yes .. the things limited by cashflow mainly .. working within the walls we already had .. not hiring an architect ( I would have loved some creative imaginative input )..

    The things I love *best* though are the things I had to fight for .. the exposed brick wall in the hallway .. bluestone as a kitchen splashback .. having the pantry in the laundry. I'm glad I didn't allow myself to be swayed :)

    So all in all, no real regrets - very happy here :)

    Michele Di Cesare said...

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