Monday, June 24, 2013

    And now .. with Furniture ...

    My goodness that bed is heavy. 

    Still, I couldn't stand it a moment longer, I *had* to see what it would look like on carpet.
    Pretty darn good, it turns out..


    and my mustard vinyl armchair looks fabbo on it.


    I was looking at bedside tables and etc yesterday online, but they inspire in me the same kind
    of meh i've always felt when looking at coffee tables.  Therefore, i've always compromised
    and improvised on both.

    You know .. like milk crates .. or .. maybe besser blocks and planks of wood for a classier look.
    ok, so that was a long time ago.. but still..

    I think i'll be making my own.  That's an old crate next to my bed at the moment ..
    the carpet deserves something a bit more upmarket though - something more chic. 
    But still like me, so not that chic ..
    A compromise.

    I love how the Pride of Madeira we planted outside the bedroom window is getting so big..
    the leaves are gorgeous presed up against the glass...


    Melody said...

    Loving. Didn't you used to have a ladder or something as a bedside table? I loved that idea. Years ago we bought simple bedside (dust collecting) tables with one simple basket drawer. I still like them, six odd years on and match our bed we bought in Abu Dhabi. Weird.

    h+b said...

    ^ yep .. it's still in t he garage at this stage .. the bedroom looks different now with carpet, and I don't think the crate/ladder works.

    That said however, I DO NOT want the type of bedside table that allows to to accumulate crap ( him ), or dust ( me ) .. so yeah, fairly minimilist .. still mulling over some ideas.. but I had to take a piccy :)

    Anonymous said...

    wow thats looks fabbydoos ,love it about some of those great kartell companillo bedside thingies,available in many colours and can get repros at Matt Blatt even,the real ones are way nicer....

    little miss olive said...


    Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

    Love it all! It looks so beautiful. I love the color of the leader and that black string lamp is just awesome!!

    Karina Roberts said...

    Gorgeous honey!!! Love Love LOVE the armchair. I need something similar for my reading nook xx

    librarygirl said...

    I wanted a small table for our hallway, ended up buying a bedside cabinet from provincial living - 2 drawers, shelf, charcoal, sort of shabby chic. Might have been called Ingrid, Elise, something.....

    h+b said...

    thanks everyone!

    librarygirl - off to stalk Provincial .. ;) x

    Uli said...

    Looks amazing.

    I still have my bedside table from when I was a kid because have never yet found one I like.

    B is building a house said...


    Love the cornice roller blind enclosure! Very clever!


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