Friday, June 21, 2013

    Gaga over Gaia :: Love the Look

    My Carpet arrived yesterday!

    We've carpeted both the bedrooms, and chose the Gaia Wool Collection,
    exclusive to Carpet Court.

    I've never bought carpet before and if you haven't either, you will find there is
    a LOT of it in store, and it's kinda overwhelming if you don't know your loop
    from your plush from your twist.

    Carpet In!

    I started by looking ( a LOT ) at the Carpet Court website.

    Things I knew:

    - I like natural products whenever possible
    - I have kids, and cats
    - I love a loop pile
    - I have cats.  With claws.  So no loop pile.
    - I didn't want a carpet that left vacuum cleaner lines
    - that's about it

    So .. pretty easy.
    A cut pile, in wool.  I think ??!?

    Carpet In!

    Doing your homework first online really helps in store I think.

    I suggest compiling a shortlist of carpets & colours you think you'll like, then pop in.

    I found once in store, it was then easy to then whittle that list right on down when talking
    with a consultant about care ( it was in-store I learned that PLUSH carpet was the stuff
    that left the vacuum cleaner lines, so an automatic line went through I a whole heap of
    products I was going to look at

    They also knew how to work those rolls and samples quickly, as I had kids in tow ..

    Too brown, too blue, that's nice, wrong blend, too mottled, ooh, yum, what about that,
    no that, and the other one?  Hmm, yep, nope, the first one, ok, yes, done.

    I also had to force myself not to look at the loop designs. 
    Those cats are lucky I like them a lot, I swear.

    Carpet In!

    And this is what I ended up with:
    GAIA Wool Carpet, from The Rivers Collection, and I bought "Swan" - as in the Swan River.

    Hello Perth!

    I'm a sucker for a good name, or one that resonates.  All the GAIA collections are
    locally named, and I admit I was hoping for a Melbourne experience
    ( we laughed that there was no "Yarra" to chose from in the Rivers Collection ..
    the poor old Yarra .. it gets such a bad colour rap ...

    But we could have bought Sorrento, darling ( Coast Collection ), and I was looking at
    Southbank form the ParkLife Collection for a while too .. that combines Melbourne
    ( and Blur ).. or any number of Numbats and Eucalypts.  A bit of Australiana, darl!

    Carpet In!

    Pretty, isn't it?

    Next job is to get my bed in there and out of my front room.

    Might go do that now.



    Laura said...

    Looks beautiful! Job well done. I love the colour.

    Kl Eternalicons said...

    It's an enormous decision....looks like you got it right for your priorities! Love the pics a grey / brown? I love carpets in bedrooms, nice and toasy underfoot! x KL

    B is building a house said...


    Your walk in, and the carpet look amazing!!!!


    Melody said...

    It's a *very me* colour. Love it. I wanna walk barefoot on it.

    Anonymous said...

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