Saturday, August 31, 2013

    Spring 2013Style!

    Yes, it's been a while, bad blogger, no updates.

    The house is now finished,
    furnished and wonderful.

    Sure there's some thought that needs to go into wall decoration and finishing touches,
    and yes, I need to photograph it.

    What happened?
     Life, life happened.

    I went back to work and also started a new job-aside with a friend.

    In fact, I can't tell you how nice it is to *collaborate* again.
    Running your own ( solo ) business, even in this online age where I have a 100 colleagues
    online to lean on, doesn't match the fun and energy I used to get from working alongside others,
    bouncing wit, combining ideas and brainstorming. Much fun.

    But i've popped in tonight as it's been Wonderful in old MelbsTown recently.

    It wasn't a bad winter at all, but there's something about the blossoms and scent in the air ..
    the late afternoons sports where the kids protest in confusion "but why isn't it dark yet?
    It's supposed to be dark.."

    We've got a sleepover tonight, and it's been a glorious day - 3 loads of washing dried
    in the sun, started on weeds, did some pruning, marveled at new growth, then we headed
    on down the beach for some sandcastle action and watched 9 ( NINE! ) brides battle for
    the best position on the beach with their hired photographers and the hordes of many
    taking pics with their i-pads.

    No envy.


    So anyway, a great day.
    We came home & ordered fish & chips and walked up to collect them.
    The kids watched a movie, and then had icecream.
    And I loaded the dishwasher with a contented happy sigh.

    "Did you have a hard day mum?" said my smallest? ( reacting to the sigh )
    "What?" I asked, bemused ( because I didn't have a crankyface on )

     "Did you have a hard day, having to look after 3 kids?" ( with HIS concerned tv-dad face )

    So cute, his empathy only topped off a great day.

    House pics soon - I promise! x


    Melody said...

    I love happy sighs.

    dev smith said...

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