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    Les Averries :: Our Country House in France

    So it seems i'm going to walk through my travelogue willy-nilly as today's post is from
    the Loire Valley, and the last was from Amsterdam, and I haven't even covered our time
    in Paris ( yet! ).

    But you don't mind, do you?

    In fact, this was my most favourite part of the trip - oh for sure, Paris was *divine* -
    we had a little apartment and each day we'd explore the city.

    But now, we were in the country, and the boys were very excited as we had our own
    private pool.  As soon as we arrived, we sat down for RULES, as the pool was unfenced
    and there had to be no covert swimmage, and a parent had to be supervising at ALL TIMES.

    Here's Dad laying down the law in the lounge:

    'Les Averries' Couch

    And the reaction, which looks very mischievous to me...

    'Les Averries' Armchair

    At last everybody got to use the pool.

    'Les Averries' Patio 2

    'Les Averries' Pool

    The afternoons were so lovely we ended up planning every day to be home by 5pm,
    so instead of dinners out, we'd take long lunches instead, and i'd cook us something
    simple in the evenings. 

    Cooking is not a chore when you are in the French Countryside :)

    'Les Averries' Kitchen

    'Les Averries' Interior

    Unfortunately, on the first day, AB managed to slice his foot right open, deeply.

    To be honest, we were having such a great time getting by with our pidgin French,
    the prospect of calling for a Doctor filled us with trepidation.  It seriously needed stitches,
    and my dreamy plans of walking the country lanes at dusk fell by the wayside. 

    He was hobbled.  I may have been a bit pissed off to tell the truth, but AB's a trooper
    and we managed to get out and do things regardless.

    'Les Averries' Patio

    However, my walks were alone, and I didn't go far. 

    Knee-deep in grasses on one evening, I wondered about snakes. 
    Then how no-one could hear me scream. 
    So I pretty much kept to the road outside our house and the field across the street after that. 

    Easy spooked.

    'Les Averries' Road

    'Les Averries' Vista

    'Les Averries' Haybale

    We stayed in a township by the name of Bougueil, and it was beautiful and perfect.

    The Café de la Promenade was just down the road, and there were markets to explore,
    Troglodite caves, castles, wineries and beautiful countryside to drive through. 

    It was heaven.

    'Les Averries' Bourgueil

    But i'll cover all the sightseeing in an other post.

    For even if we did nothing but swim in the pool all day and eat cheese and breads,
    we would have been happy.  Take for example: our garden:

    'Les Averries' Willows

    Les Averries: View

    'Les Averries' House

    'Les Averries' Flowers 2

    'Les Averries' Chopped Wood

    'Les Averries' Flowers

    'Les Averries' Pine

    Being inside was just as divine.  I was a bit sad the weather was so awesome and I couldn't
    light that amazing fireplace .. maybe i'll have to come back for a winter visit too ...

    'Les Averries' Loungeroom

    'Les Averries' Upstairs

    I would totally recommend visiting Bourgueil if you are visiting France. 
    Our host, Michel ( who Andrew kept calling Michael and denying that he did and I
    was dying of cultural cringe
    ) has an office on site ( in the converted barn ) but is very
    respectful of privacy.  He was actually away in Paris on business for most of our visit,
    but was only a phone call away if needed.

    Inside, there is a bureau of maps and pamphlets of things to do and a handwritten
    note from Michel regarding when the markets are on, and which restaurants are good,
    and how to get to the Hyper-U ( a huge shopping centre ) or the pharmacie.

    The rental boasts everything you could possibly need ( details here ) and comfortably sleeps 6.
    It was simply, gorgeous.

    'Les Averries' Livin Room/Fireplace

    'Les Averries' Laundry

    'Les Averries' Entrance

    'Les Averries' Gardens 2

    The most perfect holiday ever.
    Now you can probably understand why Amsterdam was so underwhelming for me?

    You can find our more about renting Les Averries here: LES AVERRIES

    'Les Averries' Gardens

    'Les Averries' Outer House

    'Les Averries' Swimming 2

    'Les Averries' Swimming

    It was hard to leave .. in fact, while the boys swam, AB and I sat under the willows and
    breathed in the air ( and the wine ) and planned how we could possibly stay forever.

    'Les Averries' Sunset

    Alas, it was not to be..


    Lou said...

    Oh just gorgeous Lea!! WE are going to France next year - I will have to pick your brain - AND ask about this beautiful house! :)

    h+b said...

    Yay France! Pick away, and I hope you do stay here .. it's the perfect base, and great for kids too! x

    Fairlie said...

    I'm surprised you came home! I'd be staying there for ever. And I'm certainly bookmarking the site for when I reach the the "French countryside holiday" on my bucket list.

    Fairlie said...

    Oh...and PS...AMAZING photos.

    Kl Eternalicons said...

    Sorry gorgeous...I DID read the post, but the pictures are SOOOO good! Very professional, clear and well constructed! Enjoyed them immensly! x KL

    Melody said...


    Lyndon and I had a dream to own a country French villa and breed pigs. (Don't ask!)

    Your photos are magical. Truly. I long to return to France - I've never really ventured out to stay in the countryside but now I do. Best be saving my pennies.

    Chester said...


    Bali Hut Super Store said...

    Ah, to live in such a beautiful place! Not only the place is good but the atmosphere looks cooperating which the scene is more attractive. Love the kids smile.

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