Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Holidays .. In No Particular Order ( This is Paris 2012 )

    These holidays have involved a bit of introspection, and the realisation that when
    I was active in photo archiving, life was archived.

    Well, duh, you might say.

    What I mean to say is, when people asked me for a floor plan of my house, or I needed
    to dig up a before shot of my bathroom, there it was on flickr.

    Having such things easily found was pretty sweet.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (2)

    But then I went looking for pics I remembered taking, and approximately what year
    it might have been.  Yeah, good luck with that. 

    Anyhow, this is not a lecture for you ..
    more a little rumination for me. 

    Something to think about thoughtfully before another year speeds past again and I find
    myself blogging something similar.  Rinse, wash, repeat.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (4)

    So baby steps .. I added a little button on the sidebar over there called "Holidays"
    and there's been a few .. but i've printed none, blogged few. 

    I know they are around here somewhere - I had a blog once dedicated to our USA holiday
    in 2000 - LA, The Hamptons, New York, The Twin Towers, Orlando, Washington, Chicago... 

    We got to visit the White House and you cant do that anymore. 

    We also went to Nice & Florence & Roma when I was pregnant with my first baby,
    and it would be nice to have them sorted and central too.  I must admit, I think they are a bit
    boring though.. seeing things you should see, doing things you should do. 

    I prefer the holidays we take now with kids - everything is better when we factor their interests
    and things that might excite them..

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (8)

     And we get them to try new things and open their world too.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (7)

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (1)

    Not champagne though, obvs.
    No need to be making that call to DOCs.  It's ok.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (3)

    We hang out in parks and take the lower routes.  We are blessed with the ability to be
    reasonably unplanned and simply googling things to do the next day, on the ipad.
    Even using Google translate if need be.

    It's kinda scary how life has changed in only a decade.

    Cats never change though.
    I found my 21st key in the garage today.  People mentioned me buying houses and cats. 
    That's right, i'm living my dream.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (5)

    This is the cat from a neighbouring apartment.  We called him/her STAREYCAT.
    Stareycat liked to stare.

    Our apartment was small & chic and central.  We loved how the owners had designed and
    packed so much in to make the space so lovely and roomy.  it was like one of those IKEA ads
    where they state "10m2 .. here's how to do it " .. divine .. clever .. I could live here.

    The boys slept in the living/dining room in a bed that was concealed in the wall.
    Smart.  And utterly gorgeous.

    Here is there webpage:
    And their facebook page:

    And here is some bikes that were parked in the central stairwell.
    Why?  Because I liked the way they photographed, that's why.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (9)

    My yummy bedroom and the funny little balcony you had to escape out a window to reach.
    I love Paris for it's French windows .. windows you climb out of onto balconies.

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (6)

    One of my favourite memories from my first visit to Paris was French windows..
    That, and bathing while watching French-dubbed 90210.  What's that Brandon? 

    Avant je m'éloigne ... avant je sors cette porte pour la dernière fois, je veux vous poser 
    une question personnelle, et je veux que tu sois honnête avec moi.

    Oh well, there's always Dylan ...

    paris2012-paris-apartment-hbfotografic (10)

    Anyway, I found these pics of our Paris Apartment in a folder marked "blog"
    So I suppose I meant to blog them!

    You can see other images from our holiday here:
    i-phone montage
    The Arts et Métiers Train Station
    Les Marchés de la France
    The Cafe de la Prominade
    Les Averries :: Our Country House in France

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