Monday, January 27, 2014

    Paris Daily

    We were lucky enough to go to Paris once before as a couple, and we did all the things
    most people do when they go to Paris - 1000x museums, up the Tower, the Mona Lisa ..
    all that good stuff.

    I remember we took a moonlit ferry, and shopped and touristed.
    Visited churches, looked at art.

    This time, we did none of that.  Well, not really.
    We got to see a different Paris .. one more suited to kids .. the low road I guess.

    I actually think we had a better time.

    hbfotografic-paris-buildings (1)

    The first thing we did when we got into town was take a bus tour.  We normally do ..
    to get bearings and note things and places we might want to come back to later.

    This time we also had the internet, which is fabulous if you don't like tightly planning
    things ( we don't! ).  We basically planned each day the night before from our room.

    Very civilised!

    hbfotografic-paris-buildings (2)

    hbfotografic-paris-buildings (3)

    We arrived while the London Olympics were on. 
    The town square had beanbags out and giant screens for people to enjoy.
    The atmosphere was fantastic, but we moved on quickly .. things to do, places to see ..


    Our day would normally start with a walk through our neighbourhood, eventually
    descending into the Metro.  Paris has some amazing stations, like the amazing
    Arts et Métiers Station that I only discovered after whizzing through one day and I was like
    "Oh My God - I have to go back there" and led to a merry google that night to find other
    interesting stations ...

    But there are plenty of normal stations too.

    hbfotografic-paris-eiffel (3)

    hbfotografic-paris-eiffel (2)

    Of course, the Eiffel Tower.  Deserving of its own post .. this is just a quick look!

    I really wanted to get this pic, but the kids didn't.

    I still like it anyway:

    hbfotografic-paris-eiffel (1)

    We also visited a lot of parks and gardens.  I don't think we visited any on our first trip
    here sans kids?  I suppose gardens can be pretty boring..

    hbfotografic-paris-parks (2)

    hbfotografic-paris-parks (4)

    ( Jardin du Luxembourg .. gorgeous .. )

    hbfotografic-paris-parks (3)

    hbfotografic-paris-parks (1)

    ... and sometimes, you might be walking through and find an amazing playground ..
    or trampolines .. or even, in warmer months, a fair!

    hbfotografic-paris-playgrounds (3)

    hbfotografic-paris-playgrounds (4)

    hbfotografic-paris-playgrounds (5)

    Spoiled .. I tell ya... :)

    We even found a Zoo...

    hbfotografic-paris-zoo (2)

    Paris for children is fabulous, it really is.

    And while all this jumping and swinging and squealing went on, AB and I were often
    just kicking back on a park bench and enjoying the show.

    Considering we dont get much
    down/alone time as a couple, it was nice just to sit and be in each other's company. 

    One day, we took the Metro to Père Lachaise Cemetery .. one of those must sees we
    missed last time.

    The cemetery itself is beautiful and my kids love looking at graves.

    hbfotografic-paris-cemetery (1)

    We just meandered around.  Jim Morrison's grave isn't anything exciting but I did love
    Oscar Wilde's.  It's a bit odd with the perspex around it to protect it from lipstick and graffiti..

    hbfotografic-paris-cemetery (4)

    hbfotografic-paris-cemetery (3)

    My kids taking Zombie pics of each other while a cemetery cat looks on:

    hbfotografic-paris-cemetery (2)

    And then after a day of full-on exploring and playing, we'd make our way back to our
    apartment in the Marais district, close to Notre Dame and The Centre Pompidou.

    Usually some crème glacée would be consumed, or maybe some other treat.
    Who am I kidding?  It was always icecream :)

    hbfotografic-paris-street (2)

    hbfotografic-paris-street (3)

    That little pillar-top pose on the right there was inspired after watching the breakdancers
    perform.  Loves a bit of street, that one.  The other guy is just too cool to smile with his new specs.

    Well, i'm doing pretty well to remember all this I think .. just two more posts to go -
    the trip to Versailles .. and our last night in town at the Eiffel Tower.


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