Wednesday, May 15, 2013


    It's been 6months!  The lease is up!  Time to u-haul home!

    So, this was the weekend past:  we had lots of things to do, which meant staying past dusk
    and getting to play with the lights ( ooh! )


    As you can see, my stove is now in!  Bought cheap ex scratch-and-dent before the reno
    ever started, freighted from Sydney sight unseen.  Phew, it looks ok ;)  I really wanted a
    dual oven, but not a wall oven.  I'm looking forward to honing in on my suzie homemaker
    mad skillz  ;)

    Down the hallway .. my exposed brick wall is looking the goods, and the drum pendants
    are perfect.  I had a cut out of those pendants blu-taced to my laundry wall for like 2years ..
    luckily they didn't go out of fashion!


    Finally .. my bedroom..

    The WIR is now in, and the funky bedroom light that will make instant wallpaper patterns
    on my wall.  Love.


    Just the carpet to go in now.  I have picked a Carpet Court exclusive - the GAIA wool range,
    and from that, the Rivers Collection ( go look at the names - I am a sucker for a good product
    name and feeling *invested*
    ) .. so I picked the colour Swan.  As in the Swan River, Perth. 
    Makes me feel all dinky-di and patriotic.  I had to laugh they didn't have a Yarra River to
    choose from.  I probably would have picked it too.  The poor old Yarra gets a bit of a bad rap :/

    I would have loved to have gone a loop pile .. but i'm worried one of my naughty cats might
    pull at it when my back is turned and then I would cry.  So a cut twist pile it is. 
    I can't wait to see it installed!

    Today they are waxing my boards. I went with an oil/wax combo rather than your usual poly.
    No idea how that will go, but I want the grain and depth of the wood to be cranked, and
    apparently this will do it. The wood is still a lot lighter than I prefer it, although I know from
    wood-bought-past that it does indeed darken with age and exposure to sunlight.

    I want my boards to look like an old ship's deck, me hearties!

    This is how it looks with just the oil so far:



    Wacky angles due to me just sticking my head around the doors etc.
    Very tasty!

    Well, I can't believe we're finally here!
    I kinda have to keep pinching myself that it's true!



    kim at allconsuming said...

    It just looks sensational. Truly.

    Erica Sarlos said...

    Love all of it - esp the kitchen...I want your space! Love the brick wall :-)

    Christie said...

    How exciting, it looks amazing.

    Can't wait to see more pics once you are in.

    In The Night Sky said...

    Looks wonderful! Love all your lighting choices ;)

    K-L said...

    Yippee! Happy dancing for you! Love how it has all come together...decorating next; the really fun bit! x KL

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! Looks incredible you lucky thing! Can't wait to see it once you move in - you must be so excited :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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