Wednesday, May 08, 2013

    Hello Deliciousness! x

    I wanted to  title this post "Holy Sh!tballs"!  .. but then, i'm not crass like that.




    Actually, I don't like swearing a whole lot, it makes me wince to hear it.
    But it lends impact at times, and I enjoy it as a humourous exclamation point.

    In other words: it's ok when I do it, but if you do it...

    ( i'm a really excellent mother, my fave game being do as I say, not as I do )

    bluestone splashback

    But seriously, I went to the house last night and they were still at it hammer & tong ( note: no tongs actually witnessed ) until 5.30pm!  Normally I pop in after school and they are just cleaning up, or sometimes already gone.  I got these just as the light was leaving, and cranked the ISO. 

    Smoke & mirrors.



    tv unit

    Lights!  Pendants!  Splashback!  Cabinetry!

    Those blokes had it all goin' ohn, and it's starting to look *amazing*



    Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

    Omg that is so beautiful! Your design ROCKS!!! Can't wait to see the next, and the next, and the next... you get the idea...

    In The Night Sky said...

    Wow, looking good! Loving the pendants in the hallway especially ;)

    B is building a house said...

    Omfg! That looks sensational! All of it. Cabinetry .... Drool!!!


    Shari said...

    I freaking love it too!! Looks awesome! I'm thinking about changing my drum pendant to black now. Is it the Yvette pendant because this is what I have ordered but in white?

    h+b said...

    Thanks everyone!! So far, so good! :)

    Yes Shari, it's the Yvette .. i've had a cut-out pic of it blu-tac├ęd to my laundry wall for about 2years now and hoping it never went out of style!

    I didn't even know it came in white!!

    Shari said...

    I'm here! I stalked your blog until you commented :) So glad I can see Yvette in action, she's looking rather pretty.

    P.S. I'm Nqmummy and we obviously have very similar tastes in lights.

    little miss olive said...'s looking amazing and it's not even finished yet!!

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