Tuesday, May 07, 2013


    Looks a lot more 'smell the cawfee' here than in real-life.

    I think anyway?  I hope so?  I hate being more beige than I feel...


    All systems GO atm .. AB popped over this morning and there was a million people
    there apparently.  Which is good, as we need to move back in about 3 weeks time?

    - The painters worked all last week and there's only some touch up things to do.

    - Our lovely cabinetmaker got very ill, but apparently our living room/tv cabinetry
      goes in today

    - The tiler will be doing my splashback today. 
      Just realised no-one asked me about grout.  Bugger.

    - The builders have been working on a little deck thingy off the laundry
    ( previously there was some concrete steps, but they got demolished - aww, so sad, too  bad )

    - I think lighting goes in today too

    - Tomorrow the sanders come, and I think they oil on Friday?? 

    - The WIR configs arrived, but there's something wrong with them or something (?) -
       I did noticed a chunka-hunk out of the back of one of the drawer stacks - dropped perhaps? 

       They also have tres ugly handles on them ( apparently no-one cares what drawer-pulls look
       like in a robe where no-one will see them - um, hi, I do
    ).  Knew I was being a bit precious,
       but the drawer pulls I like cost $4 at Masters and their horrible ones $6. 

       And when AB saw them, he unprompt-ed-ly said "what's with the ugly old lady handles?". 
       See?  Justified.  Hello peeps, just ASK.  Choice of two even - you like this ... or this? 
       Choose.  Give people a choice!  Anyway, not a biggie, I just get miffed when not consulted..

    What else needs to happen? 
    Organised carpet this morning via the lovely peeps at Carpet Court.

    We are SO ready to move in now.  Sick of the tiny flat with the mess everywhere as there's
    nowhere to put the dirty washing, or the sports gear, or the kids...  Tired of having to do
    cold-water washes over at the other house on the weekend and hoping it's a fine weather day..
    and of course, we just want to be back.  The cats are desperate for some outdoor romping,
    and i'm sick of the no-fridge limited cooking/lunch packing. 

    And of course, I hate myself for complaining.  It's small stuff, don't sweat it etc ..
    I think we're just eager to get moving, get back. 

    Now there's an end in sight, we're restless and impatient and excited.

    Not long to go now!



    muser said...

    I'm so excited FOR you. And, of course, if we DO move to Melbourne next year, I'm totes coming for a look. :p

    In The Night Sky said...

    Wow, it really is all happening isn't it! Just think how wonderful it will be to move in and have these lovely new surroundings to look at ;)

    K-L said...

    Hi, this popped into my tray today & this kitchen pic by Justine Hugh Jones reminded me of your concrete lights etc. Thought you might enjoy the peep too.
    x KL

    librarygirl said...

    Looking forward to seeing the finished job.
    Nice to see you're blogging again.... Used to read here long ago when your second bubba was new born - remember the nursery you did!

    Melody said...


    Mark said...

    awwwww its looking uhmazing gorgeous girl, uhmazing!

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