Friday, May 03, 2013

    And Now For the Stuff I Really Like ..


    The things I do like, the colours that come up time and again, the textures and finishes.

    I feel like i'm in an ep of "Who Do You Think You Are" and getting closer to discovering my
    true self ( ha! ).  Too bad my family is just a long line of nutjobs...
    ( and I can say that because i'm not without my ishews too ;)

    L-R on the Clockwise...

    Round Sisal Rug

    It's funny, because i'm sure a lot of dislikes come from my childhood, but then so does my likes. 
    I love sisal.  In the home where I first lived ( as a baby ) we had seagrass matting. 
    Oh how it *cut* into my soft baby soles .. I was scared of it.  But I also loved it. 
    Our first rug as a couple was sisal.  I was sad when it was finally time to say goodbye -
    rugs in general are just awesome.  I also grew up with a cowskin rug and love them too
    ( my dad chose a cow with a nice pattern, then we had it slaughtered, tanned, and we ate
    the cow .. barbaric, huh?
      ).  It wasn't very warm or soft to sit on, but it felt and smelled nice.

    'Ribbon Stool'

    I love a touch of red in the living area.  We've had red couches in the past which I loved,
    and I think red will make a nice counter-foil to all the grey-blue in the room. 
    These are from West Elm, but I can't find them on the newly-opened Australian site.  Boo. 
    Lucky there's lots of industrial styled stools around the place I love. 
    None with red metal i've found yet, but that's ok.  That's why paint was invented..

    IBride Tray/Art

    When I first saw IBride's art a few years back, my eyes popped.  I immediately tracked them
    down to a stockist in Prahran and stood for a long time in that store admiring a $$$ platter
    with an empty purse.  It was beautiful.  I took my husband with the understanding it might be
    more than I could afford, and i'm sure if i'd wheedled I could have nabbed it .. but ultimately
    it was my nail-nibbling financial calculations that bravely made me turn away.  Regret. 
    But maybe one day..

    Floor Lamps!

    Well, any lamp really.  When it comes to ambient light, i'm like more, more MORE! 
    I love this one, but if you showed me another i'd probably love that too.

    Bench Seats

    This picture reminds me of a lovely home I lived in for a little while once in Califormia
    as a student.  In the seats were all manner of fluffy throws and cushions. 
    There is nothing better than a seat that uses a window as backing. 
    To curl up and watch trees and birds and raindrops on the glass.  Heaven.

    'Pallet Style' Coffee Table.

    I was saying on facebook the other day that i've never owned a coffee table as i've never
    found one that i've liked enough to buy ( although we did have one once, as part of an IKEA
    starter set when we first moved in together, but hello .. that was 2 decades ago!?
    Anyhoo, these.. 

    This is my favourite by far around the traps, but it's from Birmingham, England. 
    I've toyed with making my own too .. hmm ..

    Industrial Art

    I don't know why I like metal typography and reclaimed pieces as much as I do. 
    Is it the aesthetic you pick up as a starving Uni student, where art and furnishing is seen
    in every empty milk crate?  Is it a yearning for the past?  I think a lot of the time I like things
    because they are used, not perfect, a bit dinged.  Perfection makes me nervous.

    Mustard Lounge Suite with Chaise

    I've always wanted a chaise.  'Nuff said.  This chaise isn't GOLD, btw .. it's mustard. 
    There's a difference :)

    Egg Chair

    Again, always wanted.  This would be for me as I rarely get a spot on the couch. 
    It would cup me while I read and the yahoos watch tele.  I quite like this emerald green too. 
    The arched back would add some curvature to the square-ish room..

    I love chairs the way I love lamps..

    Split-Level Living

    Our house is on a bit of a slope, and it makes me sad we couldn't split-level it. 
    I love sunken lounges, mezzanines, split levels.  Another house maybe ..


    Anyhoo, no spending for me in my immediate future i've been told by the boss :/

    We move back in at the end of next month.  The painters are making everything look all
    fresh & breezy right now and the tiler starts on Monday.  Then they're oiling my floorboards.

    Yes, oiling.  Something else I went backwards & forwards on and gathered much opinion
    ( resulting in a pretty even 50/50 split of opinion ).. but I just took a call from the builder
    and he's all in favour of it.  I could tell from his voice he just saw the same awesome awesome sample I did and he was pretty excited.

    I also assume it's something new he can sell to other people if it works for me,
    so that decision is happily made.

    So what do you think of my style?  I guess it's sort of natural/rustic?  But not overly so? 
    If I had to describe myself i'd say i'm kinda autumnal? ( my fave fave fave season! ) ..
    happiest always in my boots and a jacket .. my garden is practically all deciduous,
    and the colours here are the colours of the leaves as they fall on my bluestone tiles ( t-Ziing! ). 
    It definitely has a cooler weather vibe to it I think.

    A friend of mine is contemplating a move to Beechworth.  From Sydney. 
    I told her I never felt like I belonged until I moved to Melbourne ( from NSW ).


    ( BTW - feel free to show me the things you love and hate too - i'd love to come take a peek at what you come up with ! x )

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