Saturday, September 29, 2012

    Love the Look ( Pt.2 )

    So I was a bit late to this competition, but I made up for it this week .. three entries .. yes, i'm greedy, but when I want something, there's only one word for me: competitive.

    Front Room

    I don't enter a lot of comps, mainly because these days they require me to get people to vote for me.
    I've witnessed a couple of pretty nasty incidents in recent years that just made me sad for the persons in the running.  I also think annoying your friends and family persistently is a good way to get yourself hated, and hey, I need all the friends I can get, because i'm probably pretty annoying in the first place :/

    So I was happy when I found out about the Carpet Court competition. 

    Sure, they'd like you to promote the comp, thus promoting them, but you *don't have to* ..
    winners are actually selected by Interior Decorators, it's interactive, they provide briefs, and clues to what they are looking for in submissions .. so it's like a scavenger hunt ( and who doesn't love those ? ) .. ooh, something cosy and warm .. something fresh and summery .. go!

    The other bonus of course, is that i'm in blog-revival mode, and also house-revival mode. 
    We've done so much work I haven't showcased, and it's nice that i've been made to get off my butt and take some pics.  I've always been incredibly home-motivated, and hopefully one day i'll find all my 35mm film and scan in other housey-endeavours from days past.

    Kids Bedroom

    For those new to this blog, I started it about 7yrs ago when only geeks had them. 
    I had a new baby, a new house, a new life, and family overseas.  I wasn't chained to the corporate wheel.

    This is our third home as a family, and as mortgage-holders.

    We started in Collingwood in our first reno .. 1 bedroom, an outside loo, I used to peel slabs of peeling paint off in the shower and wonder absentmindedly about asbestos and steam.  We made it beautiful and the DINK-dream of our friends, then had a baby and arranged for a sale while I was recovering in hospital.  The real-estate team came though while I was breastfeeding in bed.  I'd been a mother for only a few days.

    My Office

    Sold it to a gay guy, moved to the 'burbs.

    Realised kids needed a backyard ( it was a sub-divide with a wife-beater living in what should have been our backyard .. err .. )  Gorgeous cottage though.  Shame.

    And now we're here, the forever home, with the backyard.
    We're doing the FULL RENO next year.  The one that's been TALKED ABOUT for 7yrs.  It's exciting, and terrifying.  We're making an upstairs and working in with work we've already done. It's to house two teenage boys that might be living with us until they are 30 (?).  Currently they share a room ... and a bed.  Not so cool in a few years time, I suspect, so we're jumping now.

    So yeah, if you're thinking I might find a Carpet Court room makeover handy ( and a bit of flooring to boot ), you'd be right.  Totally right.

    And I get to upload some of the work i've already done, so i'm happy for the boot in the bott-bott.

    Love the look?
    Why not submit some pics of your own?
    There's still time, but this is the last week, so get to it!



    Jen said...

    OMG!! That front room is 'divine' !!

    Louise said...

    Haha you even have a song at the end!! Maybe I should start blogging again... Your room looks lovely, what colour paint is on the wall? Looks like a really lovely gray.

    h&b said...

    Start blogging again Lou! I'm really enjoying it .. it's like being back to the start when you wrote for yourself and a comment was a bonus - so liberating!

    Paint is the boringly named: "Beige Royal" ( Dulux ).. how are your house projects going?

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