Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Love the Look

    So thrilled to have been this weeks' winner in Carpet Court's "Love the Look" comp on facebook.

    As you know, I really love the way my backyard is finally coming altogether, and it's nice to have affirmations from others .. especially when that person is Stacey Kourous !

    I really had my fingers crossed on this one, as I was hoping to share as a happy follow-on from yesterday's panorama, and now I can!


    And this is what it used to look like in 2007 ( top ) to present day ( bottom two )

    greenhouse 2007-2012

    I love my Greenhouse .. it's my little space where I can potter around, or dress it up in seasonal colours ( we Halloween it, we Christmas it, we birthday-it-up .. and it's still got a now-tattered Geelong Cats flag flying from it's mast from last year's Premiership season ;) .. I grow seedlings in there, I often just zone out in there .. it's quiet and pretty and peaceful .. no tele, no fighting, no demands for food .. i'm pretty much left alone to watch the changing light, pet a cat, watch a bird, or sit in that chair with a wine and survey my slice of heaven.

    So .. would you like to win a $10,000 room makeover? ( this is the major prize from Carpet Court ) 

    I know I would... that 1950's Westminster carpet .. goneski ... the 10yr old tattered rug that has seen better days .. oh, i've got 10,000 ways I could use that $10k, absolutely.

    You can enter here: .. or pop right on over to Carpet Court's facebook page.. tell 'em I sent you ;)

    Gotta be in it to win it!



    Jas said...

    Girl, you are *on fire* !

    Melody said...

    Woo hoo! Congrats Leanne.

    Anonymous said...


    Julie-Ann said...

    Love the Boathouse. So stylish and original - and just damn cute. Now wonder you won the prize. Well done:)

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