Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Dumpy Day made Good

    I was heading towards depression-ville this morning. Despite lovely dinner and company the night before ( thanks Tina ! ), I woke up with work to do.

    The ongoing drama that is Agnews.

    Yes, despite *looking* all done, there were some bits that 'didn't fit', and were to be replaced gratis ASAP .. And because the damn thing cost so much, there's no way i'd be brushing it off with a 'that's ok, half done is good enough !'. But the fireplace was installed a month ago, and nobody's gotten back to me.

    I spoke to a girl on Friday, who was going to get back to me Monday ( this was our 2nd call, the first one went completely unreturned ). Today is Tuesday, I call.

    She says

    {dramatic pause}

    "I'm sorry ? I'm drawing a blank here?"

    Me: "Pardon ?"

    Me: { in a deadpan, I give up voice, no punctuation } "I called you on Friday, it's been a month since the job was done, and Colin was on a job but you were going to check it out and get back to me yesterday?"

    "Oh yes, sorry about that, it's been one of those weeks" ( it's Tuesday, remember )

    Anyway, f-fwd a bit, and it seems i've slipped through the cracks again, so a guy comes out here to re-measure again today. I have no trouble slipping into a 'tired and haggard' skin to greet him.

    And because I like a lashing of good to go with the dreary .. here's some more of today, after I managed to pick myself up off the floor:

    The beercarton robot is still going strong, so I decided to jazz it up. It now looks a bit like a tele, and C. obviously thought so too. Enter our first puppet theatre ;)

    And the deck, the deck, the deck ..
    I think he will be finished tomorrow, oh glorious day .. it's looking fab. Maybe now I can find out who my 'anon' commenter is that says s/he's coming over for vino. They obviously know me, and yes, a christening is a must ! :)


    Anonymous said...

    Irritating about the fireplace - although it does look lovely. As does the deck. Your place it gorgeous. It inspires me to keeping hunting for our home and to get out of our rental!

    caramaena said...

    I love the colour of the wood there.

    verniciousknids said...

    OMG I covet your of the (many) things I miss about Oz!

    CelloBella said...

    Love the deck and the hair. Brilliant! Mmmm Mmmm and I can taste that Oyster Bay...

    meggie said...

    Love that deck.
    Looking very nice, & a great colour.

    muser said...

    I am a huge fan of your new deck. It looks fab and I would definitely have a christening on it.
    Excellent robot telly too. Fraser would love it.

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    By next winter the pain will be forgotten and you'll snuggle up in front of that beautiful fireplace and! (fascinating read through the archives, though -what a nightmare!)

    And I too love the hair. I'm even inspired to break out of my easy mum's up-do - but I don't have your jaw line!

    My float said...

    oh that patio looks absolutely fabulous. it features in my house of dreams!

    that robot is fantastic. i'm off to look for a box!

    Melody said...

    Great robot! GREAT DECK!!! I know how expensive decks are to build (my partner being a carpenter and all) so well done. Enjoy your summer evenings out there with a bottle of wine and cheese...

    Marianne said...

    The deck! It's awesome! I'm lovin' the beer carton puppert theatre too!

    Lazy cow said...

    You're so good to jazz up your cardboard boxes. My kids have to play with our wine boxes as they are. Unadorned.

    h&b said...

    Thanks all - yes, it is the deck of dreams. Cannot wait to get out there and be lazy and sun-melty and winey-diney, mm.

    melody - yes, decks are expensive, wow. We got a good deal, and it still cost a bomb !

    Lazy Cow - ha ! I've got those pics too - empty casks, blown-up bladders for kicking around etc.
    Mummy's just being a bit better as Daddy's away from home ;)

    Damselfly said...

    That deck is gorgeous!

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