Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Sexy Sunday

    Well, ok .... maybe not so sexy... but I got the Sunday part right !

    AB was supposed to work all this weekend, so it was a nice bonus we got to see him this afternoon. We headed over to Richmond to visit Jetmaster, and took a look around, got some quotes etc.

    Two doors down, we had to hit the brakes again. Agnews!
    Un/fortunately they were having an end-of-financial year 20% off sale.
    This means we have to make a decision yes/no by next Tuesday .. the pressure !
    The good thing is, we only have to put down a grand, and we don't have to move on the order for up to 6months .. but then, what's the point ? I mean, after Winter, there will be a Winter Sale, and prices will probably be even further reduced. meanwhile, it's Summer, and who cares about a heating unit then ?

    The pics on the site aint so great, - but this is kinda similar to what we're thinking .....

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