Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    That colour...

    ... does not exist.


    Went to the paint shop today - yummy sample pot city. Love of my lunch break...

    For those I used to work with - yes, I still do have that huge big ol' folder of chips and colour sample sheets, and painted pieces of paper that I used to pore over, in search of the perfect shade of white ... or ecru ... or blue ( blue was hard ).

    The good thing is, I am still in love with much of the colour selection I used in Collingwood, so they'll probably make a reprise here.

    But today I went to play with some new colours. I really loved the colour of the display fireplace at Agnews.
    Lucky they had catalogued what it was painted in.
    Unlucky, Mr. Paint Spot Man says that is not a Dulux colour.

    So I grabbed some more colour sheets, made a wild guess at the colour, and am hoping for the best. Worst comes to worse, i'll march back to Agnews and colour match there on the spot. We need to return to select our black granite hearth anyway.

    Pic above is my Collingwood lounge (it's perhaps a bit dark to see the colours properly ? )
    Dados: Wattyl's "Vanilla Cream"
    Ceilings, Skirtings and Window Trims: Taubmann's "Cotton Touch"
    Walls Above Dado's: Wattyl's "Glacier Gray"

    I can see me using these colours again in some capacity here ....

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