Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    Stormy Weather

    Definate bias, but look at my new fridge art: is my son not a genius ?
    The trouble with fridge art, i've discovered is that 'people' take it down and trash it.

    I like this - it looks like a stormy sea.

    All those 'chuck out' discontinued paper lines at work have come in handy so lately too ..
    Mine Husband: "Um, that's really nice paper ?"
    Me {shrugging} - "Yeah, I know, but it's a discontinued line, and i've had it sitting around for two years already"


    Carmi said...

    I agonize over what to save and what to toss. I hope our kids are happy with our choices.

    I find the scanner comes in really handy for the stuff that's on the fence. In the end, they'll have lots to remember from their childhood, which is ultimately what matters most in the end.

    I love the philosophy of your blog. I found you via Michele's site...I'll be back on my own.

    h&b said...

    Thanks carmi :)

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