Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Updated Nearly Every Day ?

    Well, to tell the truth, I thought banging on about the fireplace everyday might be getting a bit boring for you.

    I suppose I could talk about the "Jacqueline Kennedy Debutante" 1950's frou-frou dress I bought at the Myer Sale, which I will be returning tomorrow ? I bought it with much encouragement from my husband, for a 'do' we have coming up, and my my son was throwing his first humdinger of a Shopping Centre Tantrum.

    When I got home, I discovered it barely holds my breasts in. No wonder AB liked it { *sigh* }.

    Anyway, back to the fireplace. Making progress with colour. The dark mantle on a neutral wall wasn't working for me, but AB was against a more dramatic wall colour.

    So I tried my way, and it looks really good, as I imagined. The only trouble is, I used a fave sample pot I loved and never used in Collingwood. Said sample pot is now like 5yrs old ?
    The name of the colour was written on in blue ink, and it's faded/deteriorated so badly, the team from CSI couldn't give me the formulation now.

    I've got a good memory for trivial things like paint colours though, so i'm sure by poring over old swatch sheets, the name will jump out for me ...

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    h&b said...

    Belated note: After reading about
    Grab Your Fork's 500th post, I wondered what I was at.

    Seems i've reached the 100th mark already - and this was it !

    Not a bad effort ! - I am loving this blogging lark !

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