Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    An Update

    Which end is up ?

    I've been sleeping like a log of late .. all this outdoor labour in the day makes for great zz's.

    This week I have been digging brick borders out of the garden, clearing the fenceline, and ripping out weeds etc. AB has been handling the hairier and harder work - dislodging ivy vines the size of his arm .. poisoning the remains with blackberry killer etc ...

    It's been a bit of a biggie so far. The fenceguys are here again ( Day 2 of possibly 3 ). They're still in demolishing mode at the moment. Yesterday they discovered an ancient dead POSSUM wedged between the fence and next door's trellis. Mmm.

    Our hot water service finally died yesterday too, so no hot water for us !! A. is showering at work, and C. and I are doing the boiling-water on the stove for the bath kinda thing.
    No oven, no hot water, dead possums. Cue hillbilly music.

    Can I also feel good about doing good deeds, even though there was a lot of self-interest involved ?
    Our neighbours over the back are 90yrs-not-out, and when the fence came down, it revealed a cornucopia of milk thistles arranged tastefully in mass of woven kikuyu. Anyway, so I got stuck into them, and next thing I know, i'm being cheered on and being offered to be paid by a lady with a walking frame and a little old man. Made me feel pretty good, although it was all about me, really, trying to keep their weeds out of my yard.

    Oh well ;)

    Meanwhile, here's a pic of my son as a robot.
    I admit, a better mother probably wouldn't have used a beer carton, and I probably *could* have gone to the effort of wrapping a bit of tinfoil around it, but hey, he was happy, and it will probably be completely trashed by tomorrow.


    Tina O said...

    Great robot!! O'Donnell's are happy to "lend their bathroom" should you wish to have a "proper" shower anytime.

    meggie said...

    Your son is seriously Gorgeous!

    Good luck with your ongoing garden reno!

    My float said...

    Love the robot idea. Isn't he a little cutie!

    When our hot water system died (that is, exploded and leaked all through our kitchen and laundry), we went to our gym for a shower. It was the only time I've been to the gym on consecutive days!

    nutmeg said...

    You are seriously inspiring in your yard work. And I think making anything out of any cardboard box is great. Like you said, he'll love to death by tomorrow.

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    Note to self: drink more beer.

    Also: be kinder to elderly neighbours.

    And all this achieved on cold showers! You rock!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Love your little slab-robot. I hope he fetches beers from the fridge for his exhausted weed-destroying parents. Good on you for helping out the little old neighbours, I'm sure the Karma will come back to you. You must feel like you're reliving the glory days of the gas crisis with reduced cooking capabilities and cold showers, hope the utilities come back on soon!

    h&b said...

    ha! - Stompergirl -

    that is so funny, the reference to the Longford Crisis .. I have mentioned it here at home once or twice ;)

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