Friday, September 22, 2006


    I compared before & after pics and decided to spare you. The 'junky' before pics have a whimsical 'Faraway Tree' enchantedness about them, and the new improved pics look .. well .. boring.

    But there is now light in the bedroom, and one of the chopped trees ended up being a Camphor Laurel ... it was absolutely fabulous on the nose as it was chipped to death, great for the sinuses. A google reveals it as another 'Great Aussie WEED'. We've come to expect nothing less from our garden of weedy delights, and it amuses us greatly.

    Went and checked out a new nursery wholesaler today and will be back. Proud of myself for walking out empty handed, although if i'd seen a Mock Orange, I would have grabbed it. French Lavender is still not anywhere. Only the Italian style, and today some English. I resisted. I can wait.

    Oh, and the stump-humper discovered our water mains. Oops.
    Apparently in a stupid spot ( right up along the fenceline ), which means a drama for the fence-guys come Monday. Tree guy knows a plumber guy, so we call Plumber guy and he can come Monday morning.

    Fence-guy is pretty handy though, and fixed the break, so we are with water. All fun & games :)

    It's also been 2 weeks since the electrician said he'd call me to do the rewiring.
    I haven't had an oven in a month, and the extention lead from the hall into the kitchen is getting kind of old now. I'm also over pasta, risotto, and pan-fried stuff. He doesn't call next week, i'm getting in another Sparky ...


    shellyC said...

    I am loving your home improvement updates and love what you are doing!

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    do you have trouble getting mock orange (murraya)? it's everywhere here but often over-priced.

    And what do you call French lavender? Is it the deep purple butterfly topped one? Like the ones in the top centre row in this pic

    meggie said...

    Love lavender, the old fashioned one, that smells so nice- without the butterfly tops?? Is that the french one?

    Hope the sparky turns up.

    We had further drain type troubles today, GRRRRRR.
    Good luck with yours, it does look great so far.

    CarrieB said...

    I'm so glad I found your blog! I love your gardens and those blue steps. I wish I had a greener thumb, but my husband is a nursery grower and takes on those tasks for us. I should learn!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I always appreciate your words.

    nutmeg said...

    I am liking your new adition to your side bar. I am assuming those percentages are of how much of a job is completed. I will be following them avidly (it's the number cruncher coming out in me!)

    Joanne said...

    give that electrician the boot I say!

    h&b said...

    Thanks Shelly ! This is our 2nd house reno - I love it !

    Bec: Mock Orange easy to get here too, I just had a sudden craving for getting one while in the nursery. French lavender is the more 'traditional' looking stuff. The butterfly-wing-topped stuff is the Italian variety.

    Good luck Meggie :(

    Carrie, I am so jealous. Married to a nursery-man .. grr tiger ! ;)

    Nutmeg - yes, I got the code over at Houseblogs. Very nifty, I love it too .. hope I remember to update it !!

    Hi Joanne ... the sparky said he was busy for 2weeks, and he seemed like a decent guy, hence I said i'd wait for him .. however, I do think he's forgotten me !!

    Cheers all !

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