Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Future Career Path: Criminal

    May as well make him a placard to hang around his neck, line him up next to a height chart and snap his pic now.

    Last night, I made him a car. There was much self-congratulatory backslapping and admiration.
    It was Managing Director Dark Blue, had chrome wheels, cruise control, seatbelts, personalised plates.
    Was, did have, past tense.

    That's right, the new owner took possession at approximately 7am this morning.
    It's now 11am.
    The car is stripped.
    The ignition is intact, as is the steering wheel and the plates. The grille, the wheels, the windscreen wipers ( a touch I was very proud of ), all gone.
    Seatbelts, gone.

    It's but a shell.
    The loungeroom looks like Little Harlem.

    And yes, in the pics, he is wearing the same clothes as yesterday.
    He slept in them.
    This is what happens when your mum is late fixing dinner, and you pass out on the couch waiting. Oops.
    Yes, he's in a new outfit now :)

    Can you tell my husband is away at the moment ? :)

    Tonight i'm hoping to create a little oven/stovetop.
    Tempting fate, I know .. but the robot is still intact. I don't get it.....


    stompergirl said...

    At least if you take the mugshot now you'll have the world's cutest criminal!
    I think you are being waaay too female about this. Don't you know he was just customising his machine? All the boyz do it, just ask Fixit at the motorbike shop. He might want to rethink removing the wheels though or he won't be able to cut it in suburban drag races. Oh and have you tried offering him an oversized muffler?

    shpprgrl said...

    Cute! Too clever!

    Melody said...

    Oh my. I am mighty impressed by your artistic style. Well done, even if it is not as good as it was last night!

    verniciousknids said...

    You are one creative Mummy!

    PS Real men don't need window wipers ;)

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    Since he doesn't need the wheels, will they re-emerge as the hotplates on the oven?

    nutmeg said...

    I know I'm a day late but can I just say "I love the deck!" Where can I order one of those?

    Who needs food when you have compensations like robot heads and cars. You are wonderfully creative. :-)

    h&b said...

    Stomper: ha ! - I think you're right . I went a bit girly, didn't I ? and totally forgot all the dirty bits .. like even an exhaust pipe .. tsk.

    Bec - yes, that was the plan. However, i'm crafted out .. the stove can wait.

    nutmeg - yes, the deck is fab ( hopefully done tomorrow ? ). Would totally recommend the company - will give them a plug when they're done, I think ..

    Everyone else - why thankyou very much. It's the extent of my arty-farty though. If it's ever been on Play School, I can do it !

    meggie said...

    Very creative!
    They much prefer the homemade to the bought- even if they do trash it!
    He looks soooo happy!

    My float said...

    I'll give you 50 bucks for that gorgeous car, stripped and all!

    Anonymous said...

    I can't believe that you just whip up a car out of a box and make it look so cool! He's a lucky boy :)

    Gina said...

    That car is the most creative concoction I believe I've ever seen a parent whip up for their child. (Totally envious). Hey, to me, if you get photos - it lasts forever. A criminal, with that face? Nah.

    Damselfly said...

    Ah, that's how it is with car thieves. They strip the car for parts.

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