Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Aarggnewsss !!

    Agnews called me today, re: the new fireplace that we no longer care about since we are still shitty about the escalated installation fees ( plus: we're hitting warmer weather and the bathroom has taken priority )

    So anyway, the fireplace is ready and when can they deliver it ?

    Me: "Sorry, hang on .. what ? ... I didn't realise anything had to happen besides you picking out our STANDARD fireplace fittings from your HUGE stockpile and chucking them on a truck - this is not a custom order - what do you mean it's ready ?"

    { some chat, all with a screaming toddler in the background ( mine ). He can't handle a phonecall that is not for him at the moment. This exacerbates my phonecall cheer to no end. I think I ended the call with a 'this is bullshit, okay, goodbye' type comment. Nice. Just deliver it to my trailer in Humpytown thanks }

    Anyway, I think I must have been in a mood....

    The salesperson WE spoke to said we had 6months to pay it off etc .. apparently she wasn't in today ( quelle surprise ! ), so we are to call her tomorrow morning. "I'm Just In Production" girl was washing her hands of me ASAP ...

    Whatever !

    Have also booked Hamlyn in to the Vets on Friday. He is not well, and Bob is sniffing his ragged form suspiciously :(
    Hopefully it's just stress, and a shot of funky drugs will help him out.

    GasMeter man arrived today. We are not going to go up in flames - most meters have a 'pressure release' doova, and this may explain the smell ( which was not there today, natch ! ).
    Anyway, apparently our gas supplier will come out and check it for free.
    Thanks Mr. Gas-Checker-Guy!


    My float said...

    Don't you just feel like screaming "Just doing your freaking job, man!" down the phone. Ah yes, the screaming toddler. The stupid phone calls. I know the combination well!

    symone said...

    What is it with toddlers and their desire to become ferral whenever mummy tries to talk on the phone? It gives the caller the impression that you have one of 'those' children and have them thanking their lucky stars that the child is not theirs.
    Then, mummy hangs up the phone, after stressful, quick and apologetic chat only to be greeted with charming, smiling child once again..."who was that on the phone mummy?" ahhhhhh.....

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