Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    So Sick of This...

    Q: Yuk, what's that ?

    A: A brand new container ( only opened last night ) of chicken stock powder, that has been emptied into the sink, on top of 2x small blocks of bread, and a crusty cat bowl.

    Last week he emptied a can of hot chocolate mix in the bathtub.

    I ... want .. to .. kill .. him !!

    Obviously, C. didn't get the memo regarding cutting back grocery spending, and has also failed to notice this is a one-income household. But, like training a naughty puppy, I discovered this incident way after the fact .. so what do I do ? Rub his nose in it ? Arrgh !!

    What is this fixation with 'dumping foodstuffs' anyway. Recently I also got a pot out, only to discover it was full of table salt.

    And no, this kitchen was not designed for toddlers.
    Nor is it easily 'child-locked'.

    Oh well, I guess I should be grateful he's not drinking bleach, right ?


    My float said...

    Hmm...delicious. Perhaps a junior Jamie Oliver in the making?! Or a Jackson Pollock?

    Wait till he gets a hold of your best-ever favouritest (!) kitchenware. Say goodbye to the Le Creuset today!

    Lazy cow said...

    But remember: the Le Creuset has a life-time guarantee, even if dropped :-)
    My girlfriend's 2 yo son opened a tin of sardines in oil on her kitchen floor recently. MMMMMM, oily fish smell.

    salcam said...

    Our little "cook" is locked out of all the cabinets except one - the plastic ware. He's allowed to play with that, and I give him a spoon when I am cooking so he can "cook" too. He has plastic bowls in his bath and he loves to pour water in them over and over. Maybe you could try to indulge his love of "cooking" in other ways...get the urge worked out a bit?

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