Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Stump Humper 2000

    Chainsaw Guy came back today, in his new role as "StumpHumper Guy".

    I had some more trees figured for death, but he was minus the mobile mulcher, so will leave it for 'next time' .. when he can finish off today's job. Unfortunately, humping some of the bigger stumps today would result in the fence falling down .. and we still haven't seen our neighbours yet to talk about a new one.

    How rotten does it look in this pic, by the way ? - you can wobble the whole fenceline with one feeble girly push.

    What else ? I am still recovering from hosting Mother's Group yesterday: our sweet little boys have grown into boundary-testing monsters.
    "What will happen if I hit my friend in the head with this blunt object ?".

    Regardless of lots of pushing, slapping and argy-bargy over toys, somewhere under there they are all good friends. They kiss each other hello & goodbye and express genuine delight in seeing each other. Bizarre.

    C. was a bit upset as his toy vacuum cleaner wouldn't work today. My fault - I let them take it outside as the sound drives me nuts when there are other people here - but they filled it with sand, and the buttons got jammed up with grit. Nothing a bit of thumping and a butterknife won't fix, i'm sure.

    I must admit, I like to relax on Mother's Group day .. so tend to be a bit slack in this arena....
    Normal rules don't apply. "Inside Only" toys become "what the hell, why not toys" and so on.

    As long as nobody's life is in danger, i'm ok with that.

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    Damselfly said...

    Hee hee, now I want to call someone "Stump Humper Guy." I'll be looking for possible victims.

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