Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Much Ado about the DFO

    The boy's dad has been going away on business for all of their lives.

    However, in the last few years its been different.. we've been dealing with anxiety
    in one form or another of 6 years now .. I shouldn't be surprised, i'm quite an anxious
    person myself, and my firstborn is pure me, except for the fact the husband declares him
    "pure him". 

    Maybe I married my brother?  I dunno, we are quite twinsies, I kinda like it :)

    So the hurdles.  We're not perfect ( newsflash! ), and it's quite painful seeing bad genes
    in your kids. In my lowest moments I may have wailed, unattractively, with snot running
    freely ( note: genetically not an attractive crier ) that I should not have procreated. 

    Like why would I put a kid through my shitty genepool?

    But then, I think we turned out ok.  On the surface anyway.
    I certainly know the more people I meet at this age ( where people tend to let the cray
    hang out a bit more
    ) the more nutters I meet. 

    So I like my nutty, they can keep theirs.

    Today the boy's Dad left us at 4am ( to go away for work ). 

    My ultra-light anxious-about-sleep-this-year 10yr old, of course woke up, and
    followed him around the house sobbing until he left.  Distressing, tiring, upsetting for all. 
    I eventually got him back to sleep with me, and when the sun  rose, I let them sleep.

    We took a day off school and made the trip to the DFO we'd been planning anyway.

    The 10yr old has recently grown out of children's sizes and has no clothes. 
    He's a tricky size .. a man-child .. too big for boys here .. too small for mens there ..
    with a youth's market kinda hit&miss.

    So we had a fun-ish day celebrating man-dom and Mama got some new shoes which
    I shared on Instagram .. a site I haven't embraced, but keep getting told I need to be on..
    i'm trying !

    So anyway, when we got halfway 'round .. the boys were hungry - i'd promised a sweet lunch
    ( translation: chips and sorse ( sauce ) ) and we went on a peruse of the mini-food-court.

    Counter #1 was intense, he was going to make a burger just fresh to my liking!
    ( I didn't want a burger! ) and he had chips .. they looked kinda old and yukky though,
    so I cheerfully said we'd be back! and encouraged the boys to look around. as we stopped by the sushi counter, and perused
    his direct opposition ( also with vile-looking chips ) and then I asked the boys what they wanted.

    Master 6 wanted a tuna handroll from the sushi place WITH  a bowl of chips from
    the first place - done.

    Master 10 wanted a slice of Quiche Lorraine, with some chips, also from the first place,
    also done.

    So we went back and he was all over us.  I only wanted a Diet Coke ( yes, judge me, fine )
    but he talked up his Spanakopita soooooo much I felt obliged to order.  After all, it's tough
    for small operators out there and I do like to support one who stands behind and sells/believes
    in his/her product .. so ok, yes, I will.. you've talked me into it.

    I ordered the DC, the spanakopita, a bowl of chips and a quiche with a side of chips
    ( they'd both got a drink at the sushi bar when we bought the tuna roll )

    Then I stood back while we waited for the two pastries to be heated and another lady came by.
    He took my money and pushed a crappy Quiche on a plate my way unadorned
    ( not even a limp salad ).  Oh!  I said, that is supposed to be with a side of chips? 

    Oh, I did not charge you, one moment, another dollar. 
    ( he acted all puffy while he served the only other person there like he was flat-stick )
    Yes, yes, that's fine.,

    So he serves the other woman and makes up another bowl of chips - $3.50 please. 
    Um, no, I just wanted a small side, on the same plate? 
    No, we do not do that.
    Ok, well, that's too many chips.
    *tips chips back in bain marie and shrugs*

    Mr Cafe Owner?  Seriously? 
    I felt for you, and although i'm hardly a regular, I tried to support you, and you were a dick.
    Once you had my money, you changed.  It was like Madonna/Whore syndrome,
    except it was lovely patron/dirtyshopper syndrome.  I do not wish you well.

    Lady at the shoestore however ( who looked like the twin of the equally ace chick at Quicksilver )
    .. you can sell me shoes anytime. 


    Fairlie said...

    I was at that DFO last week. That mini-food court...urgghhhhh. LOVE, love, love the shoes!!

    Karina Roberts said...

    Hey Leanne,

    How funny (not haha funny, but weird funny) that I read this post just as we were heading out to DFO. My boy has just been hit with anxiety for the first time (although he's 15) and we've been dealing with this and days off school. He was also out of clothes (although he's now 6 ft, def man size). We did a spot of retail therapy and seems to have helped, no matter how temporary. Hope things get easier. Love the shoes btw. xx

    Anonymous said...

    Nice shopping trip, and nice shoes!

    Don't spend all my money before you get over here!

    LBA said...

    ha! Husband be gone!
    ( who even knew you read my blog anyway .. now shhh and play nice ;) )

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