Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    Debut House Tour: Apartment Therapy

    Well, my first tour is now live.
    I hope you like it!!


    You can pop over and see it here:
    Apartment Therapy


    Do you know someone with a cool home?
    Maybe it's you?

    Apartment Therapy is not about having the best things or the most money. 
    It’s about real people with real lives.  It’s about people that craft a home with what they have
    and curate and comfort their nest with a mixture of old and new, of things bought,
    of things found or things made with their own hands.

    Items that reflect their travels and interests and people that follow their heart.

    Words I would use to describe a good Apartment Therapy “fit” would be:

    - artists
    - artisans
    - collectors
    - eclectics
    - designers
    - hipsters
    - eccentrics
    - scavengers
    - amassers
    - lovers of colour
    - creatives
    - individuals

    So, you know ... people! 

    If this is you or someone you know, get them to flick a few pics my way and say Hi!
    You ( or they ) can reach me at:

    I hope you love Jo's house .. make sure you leave her some love .. I know she's pretty nervous too!



    Karen said...

    Love the pic's, thanks for sharing, love other peoples houses

    Unknown said...

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