Friday, July 25, 2014

    I Have Very Exciting News

    What if you scored your dream job?

    What if a company you had admired for many many years and dreamed of working for employed you?

    What if you beat out over 700 other applicants to get it?

    This my friends, has happened to  me.

    New Job :)

    You are in the cyber-company of the newest contributor to Apartment Therapy.

    How excitement!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, a dream come true.  It went kinda like this:

    - See ad calling for applications
    - Not much time to apply
    - Work deadlines ahoy
    - I have to do this, I have to make this happen!
    - Friend contacts me about some product shots.  Ignore her to take long shower

    - Ruminate on application while enjoying uninterrupted shower time.
    - It needs to be someone with both an awesome home and that will support me as well as
       keeping secret squirrel and not thinking I suck if I lose....

    -  * LIGHT BULB * ( use Gru's voice from Despicable Me )

    - Call back friend and tell her how it's going to be.
    - You have an awesome home, I say.  Let me shoot it!
    - Enthuse and squee! a lot so she will feel really bad to say "No"
    - She says "Yes!"

    - We do it!
    - I collate application in a way I truly hope will make me stand out
    - Involving working in Photoshop at 2am the day before deadline ( the only way to work )
    - Apply
    - Wait, feeling ill
    - Worry, knowing they are inundated, and I am in Australia anyway
       and there will be so many applicants
    - Receive THE email from the Executive Editor
    - Go freaking nuts and almost pass out from adrenaline overload.
    - Tell friend.  Have an hour-long happy dance phonecall

    Which brings us to today!  Yay!
    All official, on the books after a midnight Skype training call from New York.

    I'M IN BABY! :D

    However ... you will have to wait and see the images I took of Jo's house when they debut
    on Apartment Therapy.  I'm a little excited and buzzed on coffee even as I type this,
    so i've thrown in some rando images of my own house. 

    I know, they're old and you've seen them before .. but I cant do a house post and talk about
    A.T. without images!  Sacré bleu!


    Anyway, if  you are still reading, I need your help!

    Do you have a cool house?  It doesn't have to be the prettiest or the most perfect ..
    I want homes with stories attached, with interest and variety.  I have noted a few of my friends
    & readers across Melbourne and they can be expecting me to hit them up in the coming
    months and lock them in.

    It's Apartment Therapy kids - of course you wanna be on it!
    Maybe your friend has a cool house - nominate them too!
    They don't even have to be Melbourne - have interesting abode, will travel.

    I've set up a little click-box over there on the side, or you can just contact me the regular way.
    I'm committed to quite a few posts per year, so don't be shy - I love other people's houses
    and i'm quite enthusiastic about getting to see your stuff. 

    Let's be friends!  True, call me! We'll do house.



    Laura - Elsee Blog said...

    Congratulations! That is VERY exciting news! Well done you and so happy to read that your hard work paid off!!! I am in Sydney, but I would be very interested. It would be a good push to get more rooms completely finished!

    Fairlie said...

    It's been an exciting day for me today...all other people's exciting stuff...but I feel like I'm just grinning from ear to ear and basking the reflected exciting-ness of it all. SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! Well done. I love hearing when people's dreams come true.

    Frogdancer said...

    I doubt my house could be of use, but I'm so very happy to hear your news. Well done!!!

    Nicole Herrick said...

    So proud of you!!!

    Megan said...

    You're an absolute legend. So over-the-top thrilled for you.

    KL said...

    Congratulations!!!!!! I am genuinely very excited for you. Your post conveyed your excitement perfectly and is a wee bit infectious! I don't have a house to offer....yet. Good luck with the new gig....not that you'll need it! Hugs, KL

    Christine said...

    Congratulations. Such great news.

    little miss olive said...

    oh my WOW!
    i wish i had a super interesting house. but alas....

    Janet Palmer said...

    You know eventually I'll have a photography worthy house but it would mean crossing the bridge ;)

    phoeberae said...

    eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk my house isn't interesting YET.... but will keep my ear to the ground for you here in Gippsland!

    Maxabella said...

    Wow! Just WOW!! x

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