Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Geelong Weekend

    Last weekend we headed down to Geelong to catch a game of footy and spend a
    couple of days doing something different in the school holidays.

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    We arrived in time for some unexpected pre-game festivities on the foreshore and then
    headed off to dinner. 

    Geelong is a glorious town - we almost lived here once in the early days.

    We ate at a cool pub where they used old LP-records for menu covers, and the kids
    played nearby in an illuminated water feature. 

    When it got dark, it was time to walk back to our hotel to get changed for the game.

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    I'm not much into footy, but it was ok :)

    The next day we got up to explore and ate our breakfast down at the foreshore again. 
    They've got a great playground and AB and I just sat and basked in the quiet for a while
    as the kids played.

    At one stage AB said something and I replied:
    "You know, I like sitting here with you, and when you speak, it's not to whinge or complain..."

    Very peaceful :)

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    We walked to the end of the pier and watched jellyfish and real fish in the clear waters.

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (5)

    Then we headed off in the car and took the slow road to Queenscliff, where we'd be catching
    the ferry back to Melbourne, stopping along the way to window shop or buy an icecream.

    We were last in Queenscliff eight years ago!!
    I know this as we stayed at the Queenscliff Inn and I had a 2yr old ( who is now 10! )
    who I had to watch very carefully as he played on the upstairs verandah ..
    I took some gorgeous pics of him too.. hmm .. I should hunt them down.

    Anyway, in memory of this, we ate a late lunch there.  Very olde worlde and charming :)

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (6)

    And then off to the ferry.

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (7)

    The boys preferred the view from inside, so I hung outside for a bit on my own.

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (8)

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (9)

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (11)

    The weather was glorious but most people stayed below.

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (12)

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (13)

    I was perfectly content to watch the sunset when all of a sudden I heard a mother
    pointing out the dolphins to her little boy!

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (14)

    Loving the luxury of technology, I texted the husband to bring the boys up above.
    My pics aren't that great and I noticed a lower deck would have been better, but I
    really didn't want to leave and miss a moment of them jumping and playing :)

    hbfotografic-geelong-weekend (15)

    What a fabulous way to finish the weekend!

    We all finished the ride home elated and chatting about how awesome it was to see
    the dolphins at play, and how the boys couldn't wait to get back to school to tell
    everyone about it :)


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    Ohhh dolphins! How lucky were you! You make Geelong sound tourist visit worthy :)


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