Saturday, April 19, 2014

    Hallway Update

    It's been a while since I did a house update - the little things take time I think.

    Repenting in leisure does not suit me .. especially if I have to walk past something
    "not quite right" everyday, and especially even more if that something is an art work,
    which usually, being a thing of beauty, has a pretty price-tag too.


    I wanted something to go above the hallway bench.

    I'm not sure where I got the rest of my idea from.  Things tend to come to me in dreams,
    so we'll go with that.  I know I was aware of steel words you could buy from stores,
    but they weren't quite right for me - size, pricepoint, or font. 

    I know I did steal some inspiration from them though.

    A cheaper copy, if you will.


    And I wanted to mount it somehow.

    I know it's a bit trendy, but I do love the pallet look.  I have a pallet coffeetable, and have
    always loved a rustic edge.  Also, I have Scottish blood, so you know .. hello pricepoint -

    This pallet was gifted from a friend who actually made the most awesome deck seating
    system with built-in flowerpots.  From pallets.  Oh yeah.  'tis sweet.  Very sweet.


    So there you have it .. a bit more of my house.

    I dismantled the pallet and put it back together to the size I wanted, and then I shaped
    wire to make my word.  Once happy with everything, I wrapped the wire in wool and
    fixed it to my pallet. 

    By the way, try finding a nice thick wool in Melbourne in a good hue. 
    I seriously bought the last ball of this stuff and I looked in a fair few places.

    That frame with the bunny in it?
    I bought that on my honeymoon 18yrs ago.  The frame that is, the bunny print was
    another gift from another friend ( I have good friends, huh? )

    There's more hallway, obvs .. we've just put some prints up on the other side too ..
    but I haven't finished tweaking, so .. another day.

    I just wanted to share this because it's one of those projects that worked out just how
    I wanted and I so love walking past it and I love it.  I think it looks great with the
    yellow and red and green and orange .. I couldn't have planned it any better if I tried :D



    Fairlie said...

    It looks great! Well done.

    little miss olive said...

    wow...well done you! that project is fricking amazing and i think you are super talented!!!

    i love the colour and i think the contrast of the rough pallet with the smooth walls is really cool.

    KL said...

    love the 'hello'! very unique and fun!

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