Sunday, February 10, 2013

    What's in a Name?

    that which we call Wormy Chestnut
    By any other name would look as hut*


    You likey?
    I likey!

    I thought our prev floorboards were fine, but you know, with the this and the that and some issues we have with levels and stuff .. it was cheaper to dump and run anew.

    There was some stress with the levels in the fact my builder felt the best option would be to carpet offending 'lowered' areas to bring them up to height.  Those areas would be my studio and front room, which I kinda love the way they are


    So I to'd and fro'd. 

    And eventually we shook hands on a floating floorboard in those rooms.
    It seems a bit of a pity, but the wood I picked has lots of old-style character and flaws so I think it will work ok.  Basically, we buy in two depths .. regular & lite, I guess.  Full fat Cap' for the most of the house, and a skinny decaf latté for the front rooms.  Done.

    It's also a heap cheaper than Tas Oak .. which is the industry-quote-standard.

    So yay, I picked me some bargain floor and saved us some money!

    Which is good, because I seem to have put a big wad of gift cards we'd nervously been saving and storing ( ok, so I was the nervous hoarder ) and well .. I think I hid them somewhere stupid over the holidays and I think they went out with the recycling :/

    I'm not sure i'd be as forgiving as my husband if the roles were reversed.
    I'm pretty upset about it, truth be told.  Have flipped this place numerous times.

    Naturally, i've also been googling early-onset dementia and et-cet-era .. because .. well, shit .. I think i'm losing it.  My mind.  My short term memory. 

    Hopefully with a step back from work this year .. maybe if I learned how to unwind ...

    What is your mind? - A STEEL SPRING!
    What is it going to do? - YESTERDAY! )

    Yes, well, with apologies to Gallipoli .. Hurl me down the track, brain, and let me recall in vivid detail every moment of October 2nd, 1994 ... but today is worrying me.  Just a little.  My brain hurts.

    But back to Wormy Chestnut, which sounds like something diseased and looks like a ship's deck.
    I love it.

    We got the salesguy that kinda shrugged and scratched himself, but the google in the car ride home was more enthusiastic..


    No two pieces of Australian Wormy Chestnut are ever the same.

    Deep in the forests of southern eastern Australia, the trees are affected by wildfires, years of drought, attack by insects, the occasional flood and winds so strong that the trees stunt their growth to cope with the environment. It is from these trees that Australian Wormy Chestnut is born with each piece showing nature's signature. Deep red gum veins formed by fire, ambrosia beetle marks, pin holes and squiggly worm marks are all reflected in Australian Wormy Chestnut.

    Oooh, sexy imperfect Australiana, the perfect battler wood to spill your tinny on.

    Or your G&T.  You know. 
    Or the French Champagne I will be christening my new kitchen with.
    Oh Lordy Yes

    * use a Nu Zelund accent, eh?


    Anonymous said...

    I'm loving wormy chestnut!


    Amalia said...

    That's all.
    Ps. I have dementia too.

    Julie-Ann said...

    Don't be too hard on yourself as you are not the first person to accidentally through out gift vouchers. My SIL did this one year but fortunately the rubbish hadn't been collected yet and we found it.

    I love your choice of floorboards - absolutely stunning

    RosieRose said...

    Snap love...

    we have wormy chestnut timber floors in our house and I love the character....

    I have had them coated with an alcohol based sealer called SYNTEKO.. Love the finish that although semi-gloss is actually matte looking.

    I do sometimes wish I'd done the floors in a dark finish like a walnut but I was advised to keep the timber as natural as possible...

    I think the floating floor version is a lovely colour (lovlier than my natural finish) I wanted floating floors but Mr RR wanted to go old school...

    Mark said...

    ah goodness, it looks like we're doing the same thing :) I'm on the hunt for wood too :)

    K-L said...

    I'm searching, searching, searching for a financially viable flooring....hopefully timber for our place too. This timber looks fantastic! Love all that character! Have subscribed via e-mail too to follow your progress! x KL

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