Saturday, February 09, 2013


    I feel a bit bad naming this post after one of my favourite albums.

    Albums. passé anyway?

    Deviation: whenever I bought a "Best Of" album ( usually heavily discounted ) I never played it, it always felt cheap. Albums are concepts, so even if you fast-forwarded the self-indulgent instrumental, or the crap filler song, it was always PART OF THE ALBUM and belonged there. 

    I worry about sound-byte-society as well as my own diminishing patience as anyone in the car with me can attest to:

    la la la la .. oh I love this song .. OVER IT .. la la .. no.. BORING .. next! .. la la ... remember when this was cool? .. pause .. LAME! .. move on.

    I mean really, what am I teaching my kids?
    Not patience, that's for sure.

    I lost it somewhere .. along the way..

    It makes me sad, but I haven't changed because I was always always bored with the offerings of childhood .. they seemed very very limited and needlessly so.

    But now, everything is so fast, and nothing gets a chance, and .. I don't know.

    Anyway, in true style, none of this has anything to do with the reason I was posting in the first place.

    I'm talking about rape.
    In my own home.


    Today I came home from the laundromat* to find my youngest's bedtime softie in the hall.
    Looking used.
    And discarded.

    It makes me ikky.

    For I have owned and known a lot of cats in my time.
    All of mine have been 'desexed', although i've seen some things.

    Caught in the patio light.
    Ruining a re-run of Back to the Future and rendering the bowl of popcorn no longer appestising.
    I've stayed on farms, witnessed birth and .. Spring ..

    But now I have a pet with a private, vested interest in a soft toy. ONLY this soft toy .. and ONLY in the moments reserved for alone time.

    It's all quite ikky ( although it's all CLEAN folks .. just .. weird )
    See the 'pomp' marks on his back?

    Sheldy bites this dear toy on the back of its neck and merely stomps rhythmically on him.
    Sure it's all innocent .. until said 4yr old sees his favourite nightime cuddle being attacked.

    Poor Catty :(

    *laundromat .. my garage at the old place .. hooked up to the backyard tap.


    Pam said... own feline friend has a dinosaur that endures the exact "biting and stomping" you describe. Interesting.

    ellabellabooblog said...

    You're nuts! And we love it.

    Re 'Best ofs' I love them. I had a deprived upbringing, born in 1971 and wasn't allowed to listen to anything except ABC FM or watch anything except the ABC (with the exception of Young Talent Time because my dad was in the YTT orchestra).
    So come high school and a bit of independence I discovered The Pet Shop Boys, Aha, Sting. Cue 'best ofs'. They'd already released lots of albums (except Aha - just a couple) so with my meagre pocket money I could buy one album rather than many. Yey!

    Kylie said...

    Oh my gosh Lea - you are making me laugh. I LOVE your blog. Hv just spent the past 20 minutes reading about your caeserstone and wormy wood, not to mention the fridge. The cat/rapist has put me over the edge tough. We should be friends - as in those ones that catch up in real life. We would laugh a lot! xo

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