Wednesday, February 06, 2013

    Week 3: The Brickies

    I can't believe it's only been 3 weeks .. everything seems to be chugging along so fast I wonder if there will come a day when I pop over and there *isn't* something new to see?

    It's all very exciting!

    So what's been going on?

    Firstly .. I found some old newspapers used as padding on the old joists, so we've finally been able to date the old girl:


    Yep, January 1949.
    There was a rabbit plague on in the Nation's Capital .. and lots of labouring type jobs for men.

    Very non-discriminatory in 1948 as work was available for both types of gent - be he married or single.
    Equal opportunity and all that.

    I also found an ad for Durabestos - it sounds wicked good, what being fire retardant, vermin repellent and never needing painting ever again.

    And crappy comics.
    ( Gimme a break )


    We also had an old copper in the roof. Full of water. Ugh.

    Day 6

    ( look at our poor dead grass!! it's been hot & dry here, and we face West - phew! )

    Which brings us up to yesterday with the arrival of brickies.

    I now have a nice hole in my bedroom wall to enter my WIR from .. and the boys have a new door to their room too.

    Finally, in the hall, we are widening the door to my office and inserting double doors to match the ones to the front/formal room...

    Renovation Week Three: The Brickies

    Renovation Week Three: The Brickies

    We ordered floorboards this week too, and I even managed to select a board cheaper than our allocated quote!!  So chuffed .. but you know it's all swings and roundabouts and the perfect tapware will bring us back into line ...



    Kylie Clark said...

    Looking good Lea!

    LOVE the old newspapers and your take on them!

    Amy said...

    Its looking great.

    I love the putting back together stage even though it seems to look like it will always be in a state of rubble.

    Janet said...

    Keep the old papers and frame them :)

    Nicole Herrick said...

    It looks so romantic for a building site. Must be the photography ;)

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