Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Things that go BANG in the night

    The Ugly Brown Oven is Dead ! Care factor Zero !

    Friday night, breastfeeding on the couch. Dinner cooking.
    All of a sudden there was a huge BANG from the kitchen .. 'what the hell was that?!?' I asked ?

    AB ran down to check, but couldn't find anything amiss
    ( boy-eyes )

    When I went to check on the meal, it was certainly cooked through, but not steaming hot. The oven door was warm, but I should have been getting heat blisters and I wasn't.

    So after much fiddling, thwacking, investigating and pinging, we realised this time it really was dead. Sure we could pay some dude a call out fee and probably pay for a new part or something, but hey, I lived without an oven once for SIX YEARS ( involving not wanting the rental agent know we were keeping two cats on the premises illegally and also not wanting strangers in my house during the day while I was at work, pinching my knickers and stuff ).
    I could do it again.
    I seriously do not want to pay good money to get that heap of crap fixed.

    The best thing about all this, was on that last day of pregancy, when i'd run out of options and was due in for an induction, I broke down. I was so upset and truly believed that entering into the hospital system early would = more intervention = emergency caesarian. Something I am/was truly fearful of.

    So AB cheered me up by getting out the house plans and talking about the kitchen part of the renovation. He knows that just talking ideas and imagining spaces makes me happy, even if those plans may never eventuate, or are far in the future. I sniffled and snuffled and cheered up as we discussed design and placement. When it comes to me, this is the best diversionary tactic evah.

    Most cheering.

    So, being fresh in the mind .. when the oven went bang, AB said to me we may just start on a kitchen renovation earlier than planned.

    Which involves wall smashing and all sorts of good stuff.



    KikiMiss said...

    I remember the ugly old brown thing of yours and that noise and I remember sniggering. I've got one of my very own to "break" so we get a replacement sooner than anticipated. I've snuck the brochures into the house, just getting ideas of course.

    Can't wait to see what you decide on. I need someone to make a decision for me, there are way too many "packages" out there. I'm getting a new stovetop too, the current version really sux and takes forever to just boil water for an egg.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    When we were waiting for our kitchen renovation to happen ( a period of some years ) we consoled ourselves by buying a fantastic free standing oven/stove ( it was in the seconds area so cost us a lot less than it could have). Doing that helped me get through the aggravation of a shocking kitchen.

    Melody said...

    Well yay for you! I reckon if I ever get the opportunity to get a new oven I personally wouldn't get one of those big ones. I quite like the idea of haivng 2 normal sized ovens side by side. THey're all the go it seems by watching all those home shows on Foxtel/Austar....

    Christie said...

    Nothing nicer than a brand new kitchen!! When we got home from the hospital with Ryder we had *NO* kitchen at all!! Just an empty space where our kitchen should have been- a good excuse to eat out & WELL work the wait!!

    meggie said...

    Ooh exciting. A real cheer up, to think about a new kitchen.
    We can get to vicariously share? with pics & things?

    dottycookie said...

    New kitchen = very exciting! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on ... Will you be knocking down the walls personally, or will you let the boy at them?!

    Stomper Girl said...

    I am very impressed with AB's perspicacity.

    Anonymous said...

    A blown up stove cannot be ignored. A new kitchen is a must!

    Surfing Free said...

    Oh yes, I know what you mean! Just THINKING about my house plans, the new kitchen, the new bathrooms, the whole newness puts me into a state of bliss.

    Mind you, we won't feel the same way once the dust and knocked down things start to invade our fantasies ;)

    My float said...

    Hoobloodyray! New kitchen. New stuff!

    Heather said...

    Wow, I'm all jealous now.

    Stacey said...

    Right that's it. I am going right now to take a sledgehammer to our ugly oven. Seems total breakdown-age is the way to fast forward the renovation. Thanks for the tip!

    Holly & Scolly said...

    Wall smashing. Now that sounds like FUN!

    nutmeg said...

    When our ugly brown one was removed (along with the ugly brown cooktop and ugly brown dishwasher etc etc etc) the guy took it away mumbling that it would be "good for parts" and I mumbled back it would be "good for the dump". I hate to think parts from it helped revive any other ugly brown ovens - especially those belonging to ladies not wanting them to be revived in any way ;-)

    Claire Falkingham said...

    Better get your hammer out then! I'm pelased that you've waited till the oven carked it, rather than just buying a new one for the sake of it! Can't wait to see the before and after pnotos!

    Fairlie said...

    SIX years? Six years without an oven?

    You are some kind of kitchen legend.

    judi said...

    In case you need to get this one fixed (only until new one arrives- of course) check that it's not just the element. They make a loud bang when they die. A small hole will be the telltale sign that it was the culprit. I got my replacement for an ancient 1960's wall oven from Barling Elements in can DIY installation...after you turn mainspower off !

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