Friday, July 20, 2007

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!

    Whenever we commit to something financially, something MORE URGENT seems to go wrong, and the assigned money is usually spent ( see: a beautifully completed deck, and then finding out we are one step away from electrical death )

    At least this time we were only MENTALLY committed to the fence, front garden, driveway, gates, watertank, watering system and etc.

    Because today we woke up, and while I had a lovely lie-in, the street's electricity went out. No biggie. Mine husband ( today is his day off ) went for a walk and came back with a latté and a danish for me, while I sat in the front room ( gas fireplace ) with my wet hair wrapped up in a towel. Nice !

    It was when the power came back ON that things got hairy.
    My el crappo wall oven, which I hate anyway, and is always a b*tch after having its power interferred with went EL BERKO. Crazy.

    And that noise ?
    TWICE as loud and eight times more annoying in real life.

    I did all my usual dial-tweaking tricks, and ended up smacking it with the palm of my hand, like you do when a Vending Machine takes your last dollar.
    Then AB hit it too, which made the Master dissolve into a fit of giggles.
    Quality Parenting in Action.

    The beeping was incessant, annoying.
    I shut both doors to the kitchen, and then went to the bedroom and shut the door. I determined we would be able to sleep tonight without hearing it. ( BTW: turn it off at the switch ? - Yeah, well, we think it's buried in the wall BEHIND the oven, where it's unreachable )

    Sooooo, we decided to go to Clive Peeters .. just for a look.

    And there was a deal on until this Sunday, and the deal was fine.
    An oven, stovetop, rangehood, splashback, cookery classes and a pot 'n' pan set for the regular price of just an oven.

    Will that be cash .. or credit ?

    We signed.
    We're still in shock, even though it was always on the cards, there's other things that were supposed to come first.

    I still feel slightly sick about it all.

    We came home and the oven was still going nuts.
    Then I remembered ... the new powerbox has a special switch marked 'wall oven'.
    I clicked it off. No more buzzing. Clicked it back on again. Buzzing.

    So the oven is off, unoperational, but still functional if I can put up with the noise.

    Stay tuned for more dramas as they unfold.

    ( P.S. - for reasons you don't want to know, at one stage I had to crawl along the carpet of the Clive Peeters Store, and knelt on a thumb-tack, which promptly nailed my skirt to my leg. Lucky it wasn't my full weight, but plucking a thumbtack out of my knee like it was a particularly firm corkboard was not a cool moment. In fact, it was rather oogy. My son kissed the blood away, and I am walking without the need of a crutch, thanks for asking. )


    tracey petersen said...

    Ouch to your ears after all that noise.
    Ouch to your purse after spending unexpectedly.
    Ouch to your knee...but crawling along in the shop?? Ouch to that too!

    Lazy cow said...

    That thumb tack trick is something I'd do. Sympathies on the knee, but you got a Big! Shiny! New! Oven! Etc! at the end if it. Noice.

    telfair said...

    (consolingly) I'm sure you will ADORE your new oven...your knee story gave me the shivers, and Clive Peters brought back memories of those commercials! "Clive Peters...EE-EE-Eeasy."

    h&b said...

    Telfair - those ads haven't changed.

    Lazy - i'm tempted to cancel it all. I can't see anything in the paperwork about a cooling-off period, but i'm sure that's law.

    It just happened so fast....

    Violet & Rose said...

    Fast decisions are good decisions and I am very jealous of your new oven. And splashback. And cookery classes. Cookery classes! Man - we will be calling you Nigella in no time. And I am fascinated to know about the crawling .....

    din said...

    This re-inforces my horror of things with unnecessary electronics in them. And poor you with the thumbtack. One thing I would check with the stove is how long it takes to get the stove-top burners started. My sister bought a Delonghi a few years ago. It had a 'safety' feature of forcing you to hold the knob down for about 30 seconds before it would light properly. Hopefully the current range has improved since - but just in case. Bizarrely enough I called the oven repairman today as I've thermostat problems with my not yet 12 months old too expensive cooker. You can't win.

    caramaena said...

    owie to your poor knee! I hope there's no icky after effects.

    Your new stove etc is very noice. /jealous

    Melody said...

    Oh wow a brand spanking 'way too cool for school' oven package!! OH how I would lurve that. Wow, can't wait to see it in your kitchen!!! (looks so shiny and new!) And I'm with Violet and Rose. A quick decision is usually the best decision.

    We had our washing machine die late on Thursday. Darn. Darn good (because I waould like a new washing machine), darn bad (because that means we have to fork over some of our savings!)

    How's the knee? Have you thought about sueing? Heheeee...

    KikiMiss said...

    Ohhh did you cancel? We had this oven package in our old house, it is great but I find these huge ovens hard to operate in a small family situation. I find they take so long to preheat, but they look "bloody bewwwwdiful".

    meggie said...

    Ouch to your knee! (Intriguing all the same...)
    I have read ahead, & see you have cancelled the stove deal. Which leaves you with a dilemma still?

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