Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Didn't Sleep a Wink Last Night

    I am cancelling the stove.

    What were we thinking ?
    We can't afford it, and I doubt it will even fit through our tiny old-world doors.

    Am a bit nervous, as looking at the contract, it kinda contradicts what the salesgirl was telling us ( "you can cancel anytime up until installation !" ... "All you'll lose is $50 from the assessor callout" )

    Hence, I fretted all night.
    Ended up getting up and playing with a pic of someone else's front fence I took yesterday ( which we reckon will look fab here ) in Photoshop until 2am, before forcing myself to go to go back to bed...



    joanne said...

    anything that makes you lose sleep isnt worth it - bloody clive peeters and all there shiny things!!!!!!!

    Joke said...

    How'd it go, cancellation-wise?


    h&b said...

    Not sure :(

    Husband's going to get on the case Monday. After I woke him to tell him I couldn't sleep.

    At 3am.

    tracey petersen said...

    Were you able to sleep once you had made the decision to cancel? That is always the test.

    Melody said...

    Fair enough. Something else will come along when the timing is right.

    plum said...

    is the oven still making that noise? You could always claim you were weak from loss of blood and they took unfair advantage of you ....

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