Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    House Call

    Archicentre came today.

    Well, they sent us a very nice architect and his yummy drafting assistant. Mmm.
    We talked about the future and we talked about the house. I showed him my amateur plans drawn up in "Paint" ( very techy ), but he was highly complimentary.

    He *loves* the funky old greenhouse built from old doors and lined with printing plates, as I do. When I told A, he said "oh no!" in a head-slapping tone of disgust. The architect is a Taurean, like I am. We love quirky.

    A. the pragmatic Aries likes things neat and properly done.
    Quirky is for wives.

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    muser said...

    LOL. Yes, I am an Aries. But a late one, with touches of taurus!

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