Thursday, March 06, 2008


    .. Baby Shot

    2weeks old.

    And we're doing well. Baby is a non-crier with a good appetite and sleeps well. I know.
    I'm so lucky. His older brother was like this too.

    So the only problem we've had ( and I think we're on the tail end of it ) is with the Big Brother. Who is *lovely* to the littlest one, and sweet and kind and full of love and kisses.


    All those age-expected/appropriate tantrums he by-passed ?
    He rolled all those non-times into a few beauties.

    The other morning I half-expected a call from the Police on my doorstep.

    Basically we've got some separation anxieties.
    Daddy was home for 2weeks and they played every day. Then the hospital took mummy away, and that was dramatic. Then Daddy went back to work.
    People are a little too transient for his liking.

    So he just wants us all at home.
    Together. Playing Happy Families. With Him. Always.

    But it's getting better.
    A little better all the time.

    BTW - if something was asked via email and never replied to and you're wondering ? Please resend. I've lost track and doubt i'll ever get back to them all.

    It's not personal... i'm just a generally bad correspondant ...


    Kirsty said...

    Big spunk.
    Pity about the tanties but I guess it's to be expected.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I do love this photo so much.

    Have Australia Post been to your post box yet?

    Guera said...

    Gorgeous eyes!

    I guess the tanties are normal. Hopefully he'll adjust soon and things will settle down.

    joanne said...

    beautiful gorgy baby. Big Brother will sort it out ... sooner rather than later we hope!

    Stacey said...

    Oh he's so handsome. Baby photos are never gratuitous - every one is totally necessary as they change so quickly.
    We went through a similar big brother thing, but I'm pleased to be able to say that it passed quickly.
    Up for a bit of unasked for advice??
    Try to involve the bigger brother as much as you can - passing the nappies, checking the letterbox, whatever. Just make him feel useful.
    Glad to hear you are getting lots of sleep.

    peppermintpatcher said...

    I only came by in the hope of getting a baby shot!!

    You didn't disappoint. What a treasure.

    Melody said...

    Oh he is lurvly. And glad that he is being a 'good' baby for you... Life can be tough sometimes when you're just about 4.

    Fairlie said...

    Lovely pic! Newborn babies are just so delicious.

    Hope the tanties are a passing fad!

    (And I shall re-send an email with question...!)

    Stomper Girl said...

    He is divine. Maybe these school holidays I can get a cuddle of him?

    Climber was a non-tantie throwing child too so I think the sheer shock value when he did razz made them seem much worse!

    Heather said...

    What an adorable baby you grew!

    Yes, big brother will adjust, and then they'll be best friends and best enemies too. It's the greatest.

    Aunty Evil said...

    Congratulations, he is adorable!

    meggie said...

    Lovely photograph!! He is beautiful.

    twolimeleaves said...

    He is absolutely deliciously perfect! You do grow good babies :)

    Surfing Free said...

    What a gorgeous bubba.
    Yep, we have the mega tanties around here to when Sadie came home. Some real first class ones that shook the rafters. But you got to be strong or they will never go away ... or so I've been told.

    Good luck!

    Christie said...

    GREAT pic! Ryder was a great big brother when Lo was born, but when I went back to hospital for 5 days (for a sleep clinic) 6 months later he was NOT happy & we had some rather BAD behavior. Guess it is a pretty big change in their world & they LOVE having everyone home all day too! Fair call.

    Louise said...

    Isn't he just beautiful!!!

    creative-type dad said...

    Very cute picture!

    That's probably one of the best 2-week photos I've ever seen.

    Melinda said...

    He is so beautiful. We went through the same thing with our oldest when our daughter arrived. Screaming, kicking, lying on the floor tantrums. We were staring at him thinking: Who are you? Where is our little grown man who was so mature and kind?

    KikiMiss said...

    What a sweet child, I just adore his eyes. What colour are they, I'm assuming a deep brown? I bet you can stare for hours...

    Cathy said...

    oh, he's absolutely adorable!!! they grow so quickly...wish they could stay this tiny and innocent forever lol

    p.s. and make sure you rent dirty dancing - you won't be disappointed!

    Scarlet said...

    I like his attitute and his photo. What a cutie!

    I remember when mine was that little...only 6 years ago...(sigh).

    Joke said...

    Ah, youth.


    Gina said...

    Oh my.
    He's exquisite.
    Look at those eyes.
    He doesn't look like a newborn!
    I didn't know it was possible for a newborn to be that photogenic.
    Congrats that he's a 'good baby'. So far we lucked out there too.

    dottycookie said...

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photo. What an alert little chap!

    Sorry to hear you're having fun with Big Brother - you'll all be alright. The number of times I've expected the neighbours to knock on the door and check everyone is still alive ... My favourite was about a week after I got back from the hospital, my big girl said to me, "Your bump is gone and the baby is here and I am sad." It just about killed me. They're the best of friends now though!

    melissa said...

    I guess the adjustment stage comes out in tantrums at that age. Hope it settled soon.

    I think you are entitled to be a slack correspondent at the moment.

    Gorgeous beautiful bubba!!

    Kim said...

    And six weeks. It appears there is some internal clock in siblings and it takes six weeks.

    Well, that's what happened with Jasper when Grover came along...

    And at six weeks?
    Like a light switch.

    Janet said...

    loverly photo, he is so beautiful :), lots of photos are good, it all passes so quickly..

    crafty said...

    Gorgeous baby pic.

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