Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    Not busy just ...

    nothing to say ... !!

    Watching lots of tele - Relocation, Relocation, Property Ladder, National Trust, Grand Designs Abroad .... reading books ... feeding the baby.

    Had to quickly run out today to buy fruit and bakery items for some visitors and took the newborn in his sling.
    Boy, do those things attract attention !

    "Excuse me!, excuse me!" called one young woman with one of those ginormous prams of today ( my 2004 model is basically prehistoric these days ) .. "do you have a baby in there ?"

    Why yes, yes I do ..

    So I went through the model, make, where to buy, why I believe them to be superior to any of those models that require knotting and buckles and rings. Not that i've used any of the latter kinds, but I just KNOW I wouldn't fasten them properly and whullump, my baby would fall out onto pavement, much to the shock, horror, and criticism of passerbys ( " You need a licence to own a dog, but they let anyone have a baby! ", they'd yell at me, jeering, insinuating i'm an unfit mother.)


    So then at the fruit market:
    "Do you have a baby in there ? Can I see ? Oh, what is it ( ie: boy or girl ), How old is he ? Come look at this baby!". So all the girls at the fruit market have a look and we talk about the sling.
    Is it heavy ? is it uncomfortable ?

    Same at the bakery, "do you have a baby in there?....."

    My goodness picking up a few items took a long time...

    ( Pic is after we got home, and I took off the sling and dumped it - and baby - on the bed. I thought it looked very pea-in-a-pod .. albiet in autumn stripes... )


    Tamara said...

    Photos like that make me want to have a newborn in the house again. I so love newborns.
    Congratulations! He looks devine.

    Tamara said...

    Photos like that make me want to have a newborn in the house again. I so love newborns.
    Congratulations! He looks devine.

    Anonymous said...

    Babies are good for the soul. They make all of us reflect on the beauty in the world. Everyone wants a little piece of that wrapped up in a sling!

    Bird Bath said...

    oooh, how perfectly lovely.

    Stomper Girl said...

    We took Cherub to the park when he was 4 days old - the day we got out of hospital - and we pretty much got mobbed too. Nothing like a really new baby!

    Wonder what would happen if you opened the sling to reveal a chihuahua or similar in there? Lynching, dyathink?

    SadieandLance said...

    Ooo he looks so devine in there all snuggly. I used to get similar comments when I transported the Smurf around in our sling. People used to tell me they thought it was my handbag till they saw his foot sticking out. I also plopped him down in his cot in the sling to keep sleeping too.

    Stacey said...

    Doesn't he look all cute and cozy in there?
    I had one of those Baby Bjorn thingies. Only used it once as the baby screamed all the way around Southland until someone pointed out that I had one of his feet caught up in it. This was our first outing, just Mum and son and he was about six days old.
    I've been watching Location Location & Relocation Relocation tonight - getting my Phil fill.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, he is so beautiful :)

    Melody said...

    Owwww he is soooo cute! What a terrific looking sling (nice colour), no wonder everyone wants to have a peep inside. Afterall, he is a gorgeous looking baby.


    I too have been watching all those programs. Bloody Cairns rain. Hasn't stopped. All. Day.

    Kirsty said...

    That is a treasure forever shot! Simply gorgeous.

    Heather said...

    What a pretty sling. Oh, and the baby is pretty cute too.

    little red said...

    Been meaning to say *hi* and congratulations on the birth of your new baby, he's adorable. Found your blog a little while ago and very much enjoy reading it!

    meggie said...

    Oh he is gorgeous. I think those slings are brilliant for keeping baby close & cosy.
    Stomper made me laugh- perhaps I could put Honey in one & see what happens??

    shannon said...

    I had the same badgering when I carried Sadie in her sling, people would ask and Id say 'oh you know, my wallet...keys...and shit, theres a baby'

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Shannon made me laugh.

    Saw the photo on Flickr so hoped you would have blogged too.

    He is so beautiful.

    Christie said...

    Gosh he IS cute!

    Next time people ask you should just say 'no...'

    Fairlie said...

    That sling looks great. Way back...I had a Baby Bjorn which I hated. It was like we were strapped together tandem skydiving.

    Very cute pic.

    Cosy said...

    Hah! Shannon made me laugh too!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous baby!

    fiveandtwo said...

    Well, no wonder. Splendid babe like that. I would've cornered you too.
    I adore babies (should've been a wet nurse).
    You know, I once met a woman who couldn't go near babies. She had such a strong let-down milk reflex. This was after her daughter was weaned eight years ago!
    I was in a group with this lady for a short time when Clare and Ally were small (and still b/fed). Luckily, it wasn't he group for me. She stayed and I moved on.

    Damselfly said...

    You're right -- slings do seem to attract attention! It's cool, though. If I ever have a second baby, I will be married to that sling! I wish I had started Fly in a sling much earlier but didn't know much about them.

    And I love your little peapod!

    nutmeg said...

    I unfortunately couldn't get any slings to work - maybe had something to do with my sloping shoulders! But I had a number of friends with that version and they absolutely loved them. Very cute shot indeed :-)

    Victoria said...

    The cuteness is too much, I must have another baby. Now. Just joking. A bit.

    Cathy said...

    your little bub is beautiful - I wish they had slings when I had my little cherubs - I just had the massive emmalunga!!!

    summer pickles said...

    oh. snug as a bug in a rug.
    another beautiful photo.
    you have well and truly got me counting down to our little one's arrival in july, even more than ever!
    hope all is well, x

    melissa said...

    Oooh i have sling envy!

    Whenever I wear Will in my hugabub we get lots of attention. :D

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