Friday, March 14, 2008

    Silhouette Portraits

    Yay, another project !

    I'm going to do the whole family and fancy up some old fashioned 'cameo' type oval frames and do a grouping. No idea where for, I just want to do it.

    Here's a 'demo' I did yesterday of the firstborn, so I could explain it to the husband last night.

    Cool, huh ?

    In other news, I have been receiving the nicest baby gifts from blog-buddies - thankyou very much youse guys ( you know who you are ). I think I will have to do a montage of all the goodness I have received !

    And I am missing the oven.

    It seems that ever since it died proper, the boy wants to make biscuits or something, and we've also got his 4th birthday coming up - I would have liked to have made the cake - and party pies ! You gotta have party pies !!

    Oh well, we'll work it out.

    Someone suggested it was probably the element, which can be fixed DIY-style .. so maybe ... it depends. AB is playing engineer/designer and getting quotes on a smash-n-build kitchen and working out finances, so we'll see.

    Now we just have to work out where to put the transient kid ( MC's bedroom would be the new kitchen, the old kitchen a hallway ).
    Lucky he's used to being kicked around - this will be the 4th bedroom he's been kicked out of in 4years !

    And then i'll have a project making a shared room for 2 boys. Kewl.


    Heather said...

    I remember making those sihouette portraits in Kindergarten. What a great idea.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Instructions please? Or a website?

    How are you finding time to do this stuff?

    You legend!

    Em said...

    You clever woman! aren't you supposed to be sleep deprived and overwhelmed? where do you find the time?!

    Lazy cow said...

    I have those on my list to make during the school holidays. Yours really looks like your son!
    I also have a baby gift, but will wait till I see you, rather than sending it. It's more fun that way (for me, anyway:-))
    Stay cool in this heat.

    Melody said...

    You must be a super mum. True. What can stop you if a 4 year old AND a new born can't?


    Oh, yeah, what's happening with that Melb heatwave. Here I am in Cairns today with long pants on - it has rained non-stop today and I am soooo soooo bloody sick of this grey weather. I want blue skies damn it!!! (sorry for that little outburst)

    Cathy said...

    silhouette looks great - i too did the portaits with year 1 or 2 classes (can't quite remember). they looked awesome - we had the kids do a checked pattern inside the silhouette (so it wasn't just black) - and it was funny how you could really tell who the silhouette's belonged to :)

    Guera said...

    Oooh, exciting projects!! New kitchen is especially exciting. And yes, please tell us how to do those silhouettes.

    nutmeg said...

    I am amazed at how like your son it looks - I thought the lack of definition would make it hard to tell, but no.

    Your kitchen plans have made me remember sitting in my kitchen area with my youngest girl just out of hospital talking to our wonderful handyman/kitchen renovator/jack of all trades as he reinstalled our painted kitchen cupboards as part of our update. Reno's and new babies - can be done!

    Stacey said...

    Wow, that's really cool. How on earth did you do that and how on earth are you finding time to do that? Aren't you supposed to be spending 45 mins x 6 (at a minimum) just feeding?
    I think you're my new hero.

    Victoria said...

    That looks so good and it looks so much like him! I don't know why I'm surprised by that but it is a magical thing.
    Your current level of activity and contentment whilst caring for a tiny baby - inspiring.

    Louise said...

    I just love this and it looks so much like him it's amazing!

    velcro said...

    I'm catching up on my blogs...and congratulations! He is utterly divine and I love the photo of him in his sling fast asleep. Well done you!

    Joanna Goddard said...

    very cool!

    Fairlie said...

    What's the rush with the oven...didn't you go six years without one before??

    My daughter's class made solar ovens out of pizza boxes and alfoil. With Melbourne's current weather, I reckon you could cook some party pies in one of those!

    meggie said...

    You never cease to amaze me with your accomplishments.
    Very good image of MC. How are you keeping cool in the heatwave??

    Victoria said...

    Oh you and John Waters..

    jorth said...

    That looks very kewl indeed.

    zoesquid said...

    very cool. What a very efficient mummy indeed!

    creative-type dad said...

    Cool silhouette - that's a great idea.

    Carmi said...

    Your kids are so lucky to have a creative mom like you. I am always amazed at how you conjure up such memorable things for them to enjoy.

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