Thursday, March 20, 2008

    Sabotage !

    Just had to take a second to share something that cracked me up this morning.

    I quickly added a comment to a pic of mine on flickr, then went to tend to the baby. Seemingly, then, by telepathy, from another room, I added a further comment ...

    Zoo-boy strikes again...


    And again:

    Me: "Why is there a clock by the baby's head?"
    MC: "Baby needs Time Out for crying"

    Well, ok then..

    Went to the Maternal & Child Health Nurse yesterday - she was *lovely*.
    Yes, MC has a problem with his speech ( drops beginnings of words, ends of words, general laziness ), but she simply gave me a referral and focussed on all the GOOD in my boy and what a darling he is and etc.
    See ? It's all in the delivery. Same findings, different approach.

    The smaller boy is thriving and very strong for his age.
    At 4weeks, he is the same size his brother was at 2weeks old.


    Making Silhouette Portraits the Easy Way:

    - Take a profile shot of your subject against a plain background ( like a wall ) using a digital camera

    - Open the photo in Photoshop and use the magic want to click and delete the background.

    - Now, at the top of the page, go to 'Image' -> 'Adjust' -> 'Desaturate', to remove colour.

    - Next, go back to 'Image' -> 'Adjust' -> 'Brightness/Contrast'.
    Lower the brightness and increase the contrast until your image takes the form of a silhouette.

    - For the lovely border, upload to flickr. Click on 'edit photo', which opens up the 'picnik software editor'.
    Click on 'Create' -> 'Frames' -> 'Rounded Edges' and push the slider to the far right. Then select a funky 'background colour' for your frame.

    Voila !

    Make sense ? I hope so.

    There's probably a 1000 other ways to do this too - perhaps you can do it all in PICNIK, or another programme .. I don't know ... go play and find out...


    meggie said...

    That MC is a clever chap. More Zoo!
    I liked the thoughtful time out idea too!
    They grow up too fast!

    Stomper Girl said...

    That cracked me up too.


    chortle chortle

    Isn't your newby looking lovely?

    Kirsty said...

    Zoo boy is ACE. I like his style.

    Heather said...

    Yes, it definitely is all about the delivery.

    Gina said...

    "...time out for crying". MC thought that one through, that clever little guy.

    M said...

    Love the zoo comment.

    The delivery's important re MC's speech. At least you're getting the discussion now. I have had to self-diagnose all of PL's speech/fine motor issues myself and find out about therapists of various kinds. I wish the nurses hadn't kept saying "oh,he'll grow out of it"; or "it'll change when he's 4/5/6". :-)

    Christie said...

    LOVE the 'timeout'!!!


    muser said...

    I cackled long and hard over "zoo". He's super cute, that one.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the instructions. I'll have to give it a go. Love zoo-boy's work!

    Fairlie said...

    Zoo could be the new 'Eternity'. Just get him to practise writing it in a copperplate script.

    summer pickles said...

    "time out for crying"... love it! thanks for the bub photo as well... never have too many of these (cluck cluck cluck!).

    great that your second MCHN was so lovely... as they should be!

    velcro said...

    I love the time out for crying. the FB keeps reprimanding the Count for various misdeeds including pushing away bigbrother, dropping food on the floor and (major sin) chewing on a charlie and lola dvd case.

    Kim said...

    time out for crying - HILARIOUS

    speech issues - not so much

    speech issues = major suckage

    that is all.

    Melody said...

    This post made me laugh. Out loud too for that matter. Love the 'zoo' comment and the sense of humour your MC has is worth remembering. (Who else would've come up with the 'time out' comment?)

    Love PIcnik. But you knew that.

    Stacey said...

    Some of those MACHN ladies are unbelievably good, some unbelievably bad.
    I might have mentioned before that my sister in law told the home visit nurse to "do something useful like hanging out my washing or piss off out of my house." I like my sister in law.
    Zoo - that's too funny.

    Damselfly said...

    What great boys you have there! Even if MC has a little trouble speaking, he has no trouble typing! :) So cute.

    caramaena said...


    (lol, couldn't resist)

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Time out for crying, exactly what's needed ;)
    I remember making silhouettes at school, we had to sit in a bright beam of light while someone else drew your outline which was then coloured in. The quality of your silhouette depended on the other person, I like this way much better.

    Carmi said...

    You've made me laugh out loud - which I promise doesn't happen often.

    I finally got around to updating my blogroll, and I added your site because I'd hate to think of losing track of your delightful blog.

    dottycookie said...

    Love the time out for crying (actually, some days I could do with that too). What a smart little chap!

    I'm glad you had a good visit about his speech. I'm sure it'll all be fine.

    fiveandtwo said...

    Baby looking at the clock.
    I LIKE it.
    I am all melty and gushy over your new little one. How lovely!

    Joke said...

    LOL @ zoo.


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