Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Push Present

    Kinda lacking in sparkle & bling, but I can push it !

    I've been feeling a bit housebound of late.
    Nothing fits me except late-maternity wear, which isn't fitting well. Anything from the early stages won't fit over my enormous norgs, knockers, boobs or breasts.
    We're a one-car family, so effectively I walk everywhere - which I *love*, by the way ( and i'd like to tone up rather than buy new clothes ), but it's been made difficult by the fact the 2004 pram has no add-ons for weary child-travellers looking to rest their legs a bit, and if we take the child-stroller, i'm bound up in the sling.
    Which makes it messy going into shops if i'd like to try on something that might *fit* me ?

    And besides, there's not much of a window - the infant feeds every two- three hours during the day. He's awake all day, not much of a napper. It's MC-squared.... MC the 2nd. It's best to keep local, get up, get out, do your thing, get back, feed.

    The bonus of all this day-feeding however is that he sleeps ALL NIGHT. It's love-er-ley.
    Last feed 9.30pm, one side at 2am, the other at 8am, and he's still in bed now (9.30am ).


    So we went looking for a pram to accomodate both of them.
    I felt guilty wanting one, considering the age of the eldest and the amount of use it may? get, but like I said, we do walk a lot, and we're going on holidays soon, to a place where something like this is really, really important.
    I'm hoping if Qantas don't throw it around like a piece of garbage in the hold, I might be able to flog it off and get my money back later on.

    We got this, the Peg Perego Aria Twin 60/40. There's a wider seat for the 4yr old, and the skinnier seat for the babe.
    No other 'twin' had this feature, and the 50/50 seats were a bit cramped for my big boy. Also, MC is quite tall for his age, and all the cheaper prams tangled his feet in the wheels ( I can't go a jogger as I live in an older area where doorways are narrow ).

    Now i'm excitedly waiting for it to arrive. After we tried them all out, we came home to source a better internet buy.
    Cheaper from Sydney including delivery, just because we're ok with a superceded colour *rolls eyes*.
    Of course we bloody are, it's cheaper, init ? ;)

    Hope you all had a great Easter !


    Lazy cow said...

    Very naaaice. You definitely need the pram if you're walking a lot. I finally wised up to getting a good pram when the Girl was 3. We went through 3 cheap, crappy prams because I was too tight to get a good one.
    Let me know if you want company...

    Stomper Girl said...

    Darl. That is not a push present. that is a child-rearing necessity. Walk that baby and your babies to the nearest jewellery store, pronto!! Please. For my sake. Because I never got a push-present.

    Stacey said...

    That 60 / 40 thing is such a good idea. One of those "why hasn't anyone thought of this before" ideas.
    Don't you love the cheaper on the internet buy?

    meggie said...

    Who cares about colour! Money is more important. Good buy!
    I agree wit Stomper though, that is not a push present!
    You wanted a jacket didn't you? Well, get it!!

    Christie said...

    I wished I had a double parm when #2 came along, I struggled along without one...

    Anything that makes going down the street with 2 kids a bit easier is well worth it I say!!

    Melody said...

    Nice one. Like you, I like to get out and about walking. Well, i did in Melbourne when Monet was 0 to 18months. I walked everywhere with her in the pram and lost an extra 10 kilos in a space of like 4 months after having Monet.

    When we go out even now, I still take the pram a lot of the time. Three and a half year old legs still get tired.

    The only thing with double prams like this is bloody supermarket checkouts. Lucky you don't live in Sth Melb. Even with a single 'jogger' pram I could never go through any checkouts bar one!! *urgh* Used to really get my goat.

    joanne said...

    gotta do the double pram thing - if it makes life easier - do it do it do it.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I echo every single word SG wrote.

    Tina O'D said...

    Lovely pram. After a couple of airline trips getting the large plastic bags from Qantas to cover the stroller eventually I indulged in a proper travel bag to put the stroller in when travelling and it really helps to keep it clean and protected and is a lot easier to unzip rather than unstick all of the gaffa tape around a plastic bag. Mine is a McLaren and I know they sell a twin bag, Baby Bunting have them and if Peg don't sell them, another brand may fit your stroller. Single bag cost around $35 but was worth it. Very glad we got it.

    Fairlie said...

    Do not rely on Qantas looking after your pram! A cover of your own is a really wise idea. Some airports don't even have the large plastic bags.

    And although I think it is a highly practical push we really want word to get out that some women are satisfied with a pram as a push present? You owe it to the sisterhood to be holding out for bling...or a coat at least.

    Kirsty said...

    That 60/40 thing is a sensational idea. Good shopping.

    Louise said...

    You won't regret it. I had the double with my first two and used it constantly. It wasn't as glam as this one though and how clever to do the 60/40 thing!

    Anonymous said...

    one car, one pram family. You'll get where you need to go with that beauty!

    melissa said...

    Very nice!

    I think if you walk a lot a pram is an investment.

    I love the idea of the 60/40 split. My neighbours boy is 18 months but 3 year old size - with a new bubba on the way she could do with one of these.

    Victoria said...

    I have double stroller like that and it has been brilliant, for the last 3 years. Now my youngest and my baby nephew ride in it together, the dog rode in the spare seat for ages, you can fit a lot of groceries or opshop purchases, in if the bigger kids is walking, yes I love my double stroller. And old people really enjoy making smart cracks to me about how I must have lost one kid when there's only one in there! No joke, they go on about this all the time down the street.

    Damselfly said...

    Sleeping all night, yeah! That stroller looks great.

    phoeberae said...

    Hi, how are you loving the pram now, a little while down the track!? Just searching for our toddler/new baby solution? Would love to know where you ended up buying it through!

    Thanks Phoebe

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