Monday, April 01, 2013

    Utility Room of My Dreams..

    I need a name for this room .. it has so much goin' ohn


    It's a laundry, it's a pantry, it's my linen closet, where the cats will eat, a mudroom ( kinda ), a place to dock and recharge your mobile devices, a wrapping station, a bar for parties ( because like, we totally party all the time )

    It's missing a matching laminex top on the other "laundry" side of the room atm.  It's sitting in the kitchen and i've noticed a minor chip, so i'm suspecting that is the reason.

    I've photoshopped in the lights and the mirror on the pic to the right .. just playing around.. thinking..

    And although you probably can't see it, I came to realise recently that in part, I was inspired by one of the most amazing Wine Bars/venues/cafes/anything I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

    Because although mine is a sanitised, clean, sparkly bright version, it still reminds me of France:

    Cafe de la Promenade  1

    The Café de la Promenade to be exact.

    And apologies to almost everyone ( the vegans, the animal liberationalists ), but have you ever had a hamburger made with seared fresh foie gras?  Because I have never tasted anything more amazing in all my life.

    It is the house burger (
    le hambourgueil maison) and it literally blew me into the next room.
    Which was their dark musty cellar.  Sensory overload.

    Cafe de la Promenade  2

    Despite visiting many fine places in France and seeing many interesting things, this Christmas past I made an entire photobook for my husband  It's that worthy.  You can see it here, but the little pics don't do justice like the big printed coffee table book, where I can almost taste the wine.. and the cheese..

    It also made it easier than selecting from 50million photos from all over the place to make the print deadline, but hey... let's not draw straws, ok?

    I'm even thinking I might use some of these images.. perhaps instead of a mirror I might do some photographic wallpaper in B&W ... hmm .. maybe .. but it may be too light for that .. we'll see..



    little miss olive said...

    oh WOW - that looks awesome!

    can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    (i'm drooling over all that storage space!!)

    K-L said...

    That is one envy inducing room! It's looking fabulous! Not sure about the light bulb idea but a mirror wall would look great (you can write on it too with white-board markers) of even a blackboard painted end wall? I will bet that this will be your favourite room in the whole house! x KL

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